Do Thyroid Disorders Cause Hair Loss and Treatments

Is your thyroid disorders causing hair loss and thinning

There are various reasons why you start losing your hair in an abnormal manner. Can hair loss or fall be due to a problem with your thyroid? Before we move on to see what this kind of relation exists between hair loss and thyroid problems, learn more about it not forgetting its body function. Overview … Read more

Thinning and Hair Loss in Men or Women Causes

Hair loss and thinning in men

Hair loss can be a temporary or permanent problem whether it occurs on the scalp, beard, eyebrows, hands, or legs. Apparently, these losing themselves is not life-threatening but can occur in healthy individuals. This post sets forth the causes of the problem. What more? Learn more about why hair falls out plus on how certain … Read more

Hair Loss and Thinning in Women Causes and Treatments

Hair loss and thinning in women

Have you asked yourself why your hair is falling out? The reason for your hair loss and thinning may range from very simple reasons to complex reasons. You should also understand that thinning is common to both women and men but it is true that men are more likely to lose their hair than women … Read more

Hair Loss from Thyroid, Estrogen Hormones & Treatments

Does hormonal imbalance cause hair thinning and loss

Though many people consider it a myth, there is actually a connection between hormones and hair loss. Generally, hormones affect many things in our lives; especially, on how we feel and look like. This is due to the fact that they have a big influence on the functions of our body cells. This problem is … Read more

Excess or Normal Hair Loss Facts and Treatments

Excess or normal hair loss

Did you know that you could be suffering from hair loss without your knowledge? Studies have been able to show shocking statistics about this problem in the United States alone. Nevertheless, what exactly is this thing called it; how does it come about? Are there any symptoms, causes, and remedies of hair loss? Normal loss Generally, … Read more