Oily Dandruff Scalp Causes, Treatments and Remedies

Oily hair with dandruff

How does oily dandruff look like? If you endure itchy scalp and whenever you scratch it, your nails get crammed with white dense paste, definitely you have this problem. So what can cause this condition and what can be done to get rid it? Here is the whole theory with detailed information about greasy dandruff. … Read more

Dry Scalp Vs. Dandruff: Treatments, Shampoos & Remedies

Dry scalp vs dandruff

Is there a difference between dry scalp and dandruff? Well, this is a question many people have asked. Right, there is a difference although, the two terms have been used interchangeably. So without any doubt, there must be a lot of misperception concerning these two conditions. Learn more about the difference between causes, symptoms, treatments, … Read more