Will an Ingrown Hair Fix Itself

Most people are displeased when they see that they have a pimple on the skin in any part of the body, especially the face. Each person tries to remove it in their own way regardless of whether it is okay or not. 

A similar case occurs with ingrown hairs. They are usually very similar in appearance but more painful than a pimple. Ingrown hair is a condition in which the hair curls and grows backward but within the skin. That’s because it can’t find its way out due to a clogged pore. 

This situation increases more when the person has thick, curly hair. Ingrown hairs appear anywhere on the body where the person shaves frequently. They can originate in the armpits, beard area, or where pubic hair grows. 

Reasons Why Ingrown Hairs Appear 

1. Shaved Off 

It is one of the most common reasons why infected hairs originate. That’s because people often don’t properly prepare their skin before shaving. It is necessary to use shaving foam, cream, facial cleanser, water, soap, etc.  

Thanks to that, your skin will be smooth, and hair extraction will be more comfortable and with less risk. 

When you use razors, you may not be able to fully pluck the hair from the root leaving only part of it. That can be dangerous since cutting it in half can sharpen it, causing it to re-bury itself inside the skin. Be sure to use a razor with sharp blades. 

2. Curly Hair 

People who often have thick, curly hair are the most likely to suffer from this type of condition. Curly hair bends and is more likely to bury itself. This situation is further aggravated when that person has very dry skin causing the hair to become trapped in the hair follicle under the skin. 

3. Wearing Inappropriate Clothing 

Wearing tight clothing or made of uncomfortable materials such as polyester or synthetic fabrics can complicate the infection caused by an ingrown hair. That is due to the constant friction that can exist. Therefore, it is advisable to wear cotton clothing. 

Will an Ingrown Hair Fix Itself? 

When people see a pimple or ingrown hair on their skin, they often despair and want to remove it as soon as possible. Impatience at the moment is a mistake, although in a way it is understandable since many of them care too much about their physical appearance. That is why they feel the need to cure this condition through any method. 

However, the best way to treat ingrown hair is to let it heal itself. It is entirely possible for that to happen, but it takes patience and knowing what to do. As the hair grows, it will find a way to get to the surface. 

Please wait for it to disappear entirely while avoiding scratching your skin. Also, it is recommended that you do not shave on the affected area since you could worsen the situation. 

If you feel insecure about infected hair, you can clear your doubts by going to a doctor who will give you a better verdict and treatment.