How to Get Sand Out of Hair?

On vacation or any weekend, people love to go on a trip. Whether in the mountains, rivers, the countryside, and other cities, they enjoy going to the beach, above all. 

The beach is the perfect place for people to have fun and sunbathe, take baths in salt water, and have a great time with their friends and family. 

But not everything is fun and happiness when you realize the sand stuck in your hair. 

That is one of the most common problems and discomforts around the world. People often try many ways to get the sand out of their hair, and most don’t work. Especially if a girl’s hair is long and abundant, it is more likely to have a lot of sand on the head after taking a bath on the beach. 

How to Get Sand Out of Hair? 

It is possible to remove all the sand from your head. Do not despair! You just have to follow some steps for this to be effective. 

First, it is essential to mention that there is a way to prevent a lot of sand from getting into your hair. You can tie your hair because if you let it loose, it will surely make contact with the sand. 

If you are going to tan, remember to put a long towel on the sand so that your head does not touch it. Also, wearing a hat is a great idea, so when the breeze blows the sand that flutters through the air, it won’t fall on your hair. 

When you want to swim in the water, you should avoid doing it near the beach’s shore. In that place is where more sand accumulates. 

Some of the practical techniques to remove the sand from your hair are the following: 

Shake Your Hair 

When you wash it, you must let it dry and then turn it over and shake it many times. Then you must comb it while you repeat the process. It is one of the most effective methods. 

Baby Powder 

Let your hair dry completely and then shake off as much sand as you can. Then apply the baby powder on your head and shake your hair again. 

There are comments saying that baby powder loosens the sticky sand from the strands of your hair. 

Finally, brush your hair very well in places that contain baby powder. Shake it a little to ensure that as much sand has fallen. Then apply shampoo and rub your head with your fingers to clean each area of ​​your scalp. 


It is the most common technique that all people use. It is recommended to apply this product about 2 or 4 times on your head while rubbing your hair with your fingers. 

Use of Machines with Vacuum Systems 

To perform this process, you must first tie your dry hair in the form of a high or low ponytail. Then pass over your head a small machine capable of vacuuming with which you are going to suck the sand from your scalp. 

But you must be careful! Do not allow the machine to get too close to your hair because otherwise, it will cause your hair to tangle, and it will be much more difficult to untangle it later.