Can an Ingrown Hair Cause a Lump?

In today’s world, it is a trend among people, especially women, to remove hair from their body. Waxing, razors, and tweezers are the most common methods of doing this. 

But not every time these methods tend to be perfect. With any of the three techniques mentioned above, you can feel discomfort in the body. 

We talk about the unwanted and unpleasant ingrown hairs on the skin. 

Ingrown hairs on the skin are one of the most common problems worldwide, especially in people with sensitive skin. These arise after the person shaves, waxes or tweezes the hair in some area of ​​the body. 

Can an Ingrown Hair Cause a Lump? 

The answer is yes. When you shave, wax or tweeze the hairs on your body, the famous ingrown hairs can originate. 

As a result of this, inflammation, irritation and even discomfort can occur in the skin generating lumps in the place where the hair was removed. 

In addition, ingrown hairs arise when, as they grow, they are blocked by a pore. It is for this reason that they go back into the skin. They are common in people with thick, curly hair. 

They are not Dangerous 

Practically the lumps usually disappear on their own, so they are not a threat to you. It should be noted that if the bump continues in the same way over time, you must attend to it quickly. Otherwise, it will generate an infection in the area of ​​the ingrown hair and cause pain. 

They are Painful 

They are not dangerous, but they do create a lot of pain when you touch them. The more the lump grows the more pain it will cause.  

That is because when a hair grows on the skin, it tends to create a lump that contains liquid (it even becomes the cause of a cyst). That causes an inflammation that makes the person feel more pain. 

When lumps are created in shaved places (legs, armpits, arms, head, cheeks, chin, neck and pubic area), they tend to be tiny. They can even be compared to pimples. 

There are times when these lumps are accompanied by pus. It is advisable to let it heal on its own, but if it worsens and begins to enlarge, it is necessary to go to a professional. 

The shaver is considered worldwide as the artifact that generates the most ingrown hairs on the skin. When you shave, that area is usually clean and smooth. However, the next day you can begin to notice the small lumps on the surface. It means the appearance of ingrown hairs. 

African American people suffer a lot from the problem of ingrown hairs on the skin through lumps. The same happens with people with thick curly hair and with Latinos. 

The way to treat ingrown hair lumps is simple. You should go to a professional dermatologist, who will use a sterile instrument with you to remove the bump and release the hair. Of course, after this, he will recommend some creams to reduce swelling or inflammation of the area. 

It is important to remember that if a lump is not treated, it can become more inflamed and infected, thus causing skin damage.