Coconut Lavender Ingrown Hair Treatment

An ingrown hair is one that grows back under the skin once it has been shaved. That is to say, it is a hair that grows in a curved and horizontal way inside the skin, and that does not come out entirely from the surface. 

These hairs cause bumps, swelling, and pain in the area where it has been removed or shaved. They usually appear in places where people frequently shave, such as the legs, pubic area, face, armpits, and even on the scalp (in the case of people who shave their heads). 

Ingrown hairs occur when people shave with either a razor, tweezers, or wax. Some symptoms are small bumps, lumps, pain, itching, hyperpigmentation, etc. 

If you have any of the situations mentioned above, you can go to the doctor to examine you. However, ingrown hairs do not necessarily need treatment as they disappear on their own over time. That does not mean that there are no prevention and treatment measures to avoid them. 

The most recommended to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs is not to shave. However, people need to cut certain areas of their body to feel good about themselves and to have better hygiene. Therefore, it is necessary to follow specific steps when shaving. 

Before shaving, wash your skin with warm water or a facial cleanser. That will hydrate your skin by preventing it from irritating after shaving. Subsequently, apply shaving cream to soften the hair so that it can be removed more easily.

Another recommendation is to use a new blade every time you shave since those that are used do not completely remove hair. Keep in mind that you should cut in the direction of hair growth without stretching your skin. 

Coconut Lavender Ingrown Hair Treatment 

Lavender is a plant that has purple flowers and an unmistakable aroma. It has calming properties and is used many times as a medicinal plant. 

This plant is used to make one of the best-known oils worldwide, lavender essential oil. 

It is used in aromatherapy due to its mild odor and its relaxing properties. This oil is excellent for helping people sleep. They are also used to heal wounds, burns, dermatitis, fungi, insect bites, and even wrinkles. 

This essential oil is used by applying it directly to the skin without diluting it to avoid causing an allergic reaction. 

Ingrown hairs are quite pesky due to their appearance and the discomforts that it generates (pain, itching, etc.). Regular exfoliation is one of the best ways to avoid these bumps on the skin. You can use a facial scrub for the face, and a body scrub on the rest of the body. However, not any type of exfoliation works in these cases, as it will depend on certain factors. 

Fortunately, there are several treatments based on the use of essential oils that are excellent for treating ingrown hairs. The idea is to use lavender essential oil along with other ingredients that, in this case, will be coconut oil and tea tree oil. The combination of the three will not only serve as an excellent natural exfoliant to prevent the appearance of lumps, but it will also allow you to have a delicious smell. 

The preparation of this scrub is quite simple. You only have to mix the three types of oil, adding specific amounts of each one. You will need 7 drops of lavender oil, 12 drops of tea tree oil, and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Once you have placed them in a container, mix them well. That way, you will get the scrub that will help you eliminate ingrown hairs. It is very easy. 

Why Do These Ingredients Help Prevent Ingrown Hairs? 

Each of the oils has properties that have certain benefits. Lavender is characterized by its relaxing effect, which will allow your skin to have that sensation as well as a delicious aroma. Tree oil has healing properties that will help you prevent infections and irritations.

Finally, coconut oil is known as it works as an antibacterial; that is, it is an antifungal that will kill any type of bacteria and also act as a moisturizer. 

The mixture of these three oils is essential not only to provide a pleasant smell but also to prevent pesky ingrown hairs that may appear on our skin. 

The best way to use this scrub is to apply a small amount to the aftershave area. Once you do that, gently rub it until your skin fully absorbs it. 

Natural Exfoliating Alternatives 

Sugar is another option that can be effective in fighting ingrown hairs. All you have to do is prepare a mixture by adding half a cup of sugar with a similar amount of olive oil. Additionally, you can add a few drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil. 

Another alternative is baking soda. It has inflammatory properties that will help alleviate the lumps caused by ingrown hairs. In addition, it prevents bad digestion. Dilute the bicarbonate in water and, with the help of a cotton ball, gently rub it on the skin. 


Ingrown hairs are a nuisance for all people who often shave in various areas of their bodies. Fortunately, there are many treatments and ingredients combined that can help prevent and combat these uncomfortable situations. Using them properly will help your skin stay healthy all the time and smell good.