Can an Ingrown Hair Last for Months?

Ingrown hairs are those caused when a person shaves, waxes or tweezes the hairs from any area of ​​their body, causing small lumps to appear on the skin. 

African-American or curly-haired people are those who commonly suffer from ingrown hairs, either in the area of ​​the beard, mustache, neck, and legs. However, this can affect everyone in general. 

Sometimes when small lumps appear on the skin, they can be accompanied by pus and slight pain when you touch them. 

Can an Ingrown Hair Last for Months? 

Most people with ingrown hairs on various parts of their bodies wonder if they need medical attention or not. There are many cases where the lumps tend to heal on their own, but there are other circumstances where the lump enlarges more than usual and professional help is needed. 

Ingrown hairs on the skin tend to heal quickly, so you don’t have to worry about them. However, ingrown hairs can last for several months without disappearing. That will depend on how much it has been developed. 

The ingrown hair could remain for three months. It can even generate pus, causing the lump to gain more size and redness. That is because the hair has not grown normally since it usually develops inside the skin and not on the outside as it should be. This hair curls and stays there until it forms a small lump. 

In general, some prefer to get rid of ingrown hairs by stopping shaving, waxing or using any other method of hair removal for at least 4 or 6 months, until this lump disappears completely. 

If you shave in the area of ​​the lump, it is very likely that your situation will worsen, so we recommend that you let it heal on its own. On the other hand, if the lump grows more over time and you feel pain when you touch or rub it with any clothing is best to go to a professional to remove it with their tools. 

How Can I Identify an Ingrown Hair on the Skin? 

  • A small red bump appears, which can grow and fill with pus. 
  • It irritates the shaved area of ​​the skin. 
  • It can cause itching. 
  • Touching the lump will make you feel warm. 

Many people think that ingrown hair is a pimple, so sometimes they do not pay attention to it and end up removing them on their own. 

Tips for Treating Ingrown Hair If You are Older than a Month 

  • Just use water. When you are bathing, you can massage, wash, and rub the affected area, in this case, the ingrown hair in a lump. In this way, the curled hair will be forced to loosen gradually from the follicle and will come out of the skin. 
  • You can use methods that calm the infection and prevent it from getting worse, such as smearing special oils and creams on your skin. 
  • Oatmeal lotions are a great idea if your skin has been irritated by an ingrown hair. Applying a little to the affected area will reduce redness and discomfort.