Best Henna for Natural Hair Benefits, How to Mix and Use It

Henna for natural hair

Here are answers to these frequently asked questions about henna for natural hair and more on how to mix and apply this treatment for hair growth. Find out more about where to buy henna and what the best brands are. Meaning ad and Is it good for natural hair What is hair henna? What is it … Read more

Eyebrow Hair Loss Causes, Treatments and Remedies

Eyebrow hair loss

Are your eyebrows falling out or are you losing them each day? Do not wait until they are completely lost before you start struggling to regrow them back. Learn more about causes or reasons including why they are thinning as well as what can you do to help deal with this issue. Causes – why they are … Read more

Itchy Scalp Causes with Hair Loss, Treatments and Remedies

Itchy Scalp Causes with Hair Loss, Treatments and Remedies

An itchy scalp or pruritus an uncomfortable and frustrating urge to scratch it that may be accompanied by symptoms such as scabbed or flaking skin and hair loss. Scalp itchiness can affect both childhood and adulthood and has many possible causes. Explore more on causes, symptoms, including its relationship with hair loss, and remedies that … Read more

Natural Hair Conditioners for Dry, African, and Homemade

Natural hair conditioners - affordable

What is the best natural hair conditioner? A good conditioner is integral to hair growth. It coats its cuticle, moistens and detangles making it manageable by removing curls and frizz. Below is a better understanding of what the best including homemade recipes and tips on how one at home including for dry and black hair … Read more

Smelly Scalp or Odor: Causes, Remedies and Treatments

What does it mean when my scalp smells bad? What can be the reason behind this annoying and embarrassing condition or why does my does it smell? How can I stop this odor? Scalp smells are usually depicted by an unpleasant, exasperating odor that seems to emanate from the hair, head, and scalp. The big … Read more

Causes, Reversing or Treating Receding Hairline in Women

How do you treat or reverse receding hairline in women

Do you experience receding hairline as a woman? This problem can be slight or serious. Get insight signs, causes including in young women. We will also look at treatments such as surgery, hair transplant as well as ways to reverse it. Meaning A receding hairline refers to the progressive hair loss experienced by women and … Read more