How to Get Slime Out of Hair?

How to Get Slime Out of Hair?

Slime is famous for being a trendy type of toy among kids and young people. It can be bought in stores or make it yourself at home with the appropriate materials.  It consists of a viscous substance similar to the texture of chewing gum. It is made with various ingredients such as guar gum, flavorings, … Read more

Best Mini Hair Straightener

Best Mini Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners are the best flat iron cosmetic tools that can help you achieve that glossy and straight hairstyle that you want. These devices use heated plates to iron out hair. If you have tightly curled locks or wavy hair, a hair straightener can flatten all the follicles of your hair better than paddle brush … Read more

Best Hair Extensions for the fashion fans ladies

Attractive hair looks like a crown on your head, adding some natural beauty on you. For most ladies, gorgeous looking hair describes more about their lifestyle and features of personality. Hair extensions have come a long way to provide fashion solutions that customize the length, volume and color of a woman’s hair.  Nowadays with the … Read more

Face, Legs, Bikini or Pubic Deep Ingrown Hair Removal

Deep ingrown hair removal

The term ‘ingrown hair’ is not new to many, especially those who have extremely curly coarse hair. However, some people may not be conversant with deep ingrown hair. In some instances, some hairs grow across the wall its follicle inside your skin. Some people may call them embedded but we will call them ingrown. As a … Read more

Best Way to Treat Infected Ingrown Hair

Infected Ingrown Hair

Many people are familiar with the term ‘ingrown hair’. In fact, many people have been victims of these hairs. However, did you know this condition can get infected? Yes, that is why many people today are concerned about it getting infected. Generally, this condition occurs when some hair curls back and grows inwards instead of … Read more

Waxing Pain: 10 Tips for a Painless Wax


Let’s be honest, waxing hurts! Okay, if it’s your first time it’s even worse maybe even excruciatingly painful, fortunately, the pain reduces each time you go for another session. This hair removal technique has become a go-to grooming must-do for the majority of people. So, can you reduce waxing pain? Does a painless wax actually … Read more