Best Mini Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners are the best flat iron cosmetic tools that can help you achieve that glossy and straight hairstyle that you want. These devices use heated plates to iron out hair. If you have tightly curled locks or wavy hair, a hair straightener can flatten all the follicles of your hair better than paddle brush and blow dryer a lone.

The best way of achieving optimum hair straightening is choosing the best hair straightener for your hair type. Below is a useful guide that will help you learn everything about mini hair straightener and also help you to choose the best straightener in the market.



Why It is a Great Choice

Best professional flat iron in the market. It heats up to 200 degrees in about 40 seconds.

Its plates are made of ceramic metals that allows even distribution of heat.

Best Mini straightener with an attractive design that is available in four colors.

Its quite small and ideal for quick touch ups. 

Best Mini straightener for ladies with short and thin hair

Comes with small ceramic plates that are perfect for curling or straightening short hair.

Unique design that is built for portability and easy carrying. 

With dual voltage support, this straightener can be carried abroad and used in different countries that support its power input capabilities.

One of the best mini hair straighteners built for travelers. 

Its handle is made of a sleek non-slip coating that provides good grip and prevents the flat iron from any accidental slipping from out of your hands.

Difference Between a regular straightener and mini straightener

Generally, the main difference between a mini straightener and a regular straightener is size. All other features and specs are almost the same. Regular straighteners are more popular and are designed to cater for most hair types.

Mini hair straighteners are small and comes with plates that are approximately 5inches long. They are also shorter in length, 6inches long while regular straighteners measure on an average of 8inches. So, the primary difference between them is size. 

Why choose a Mini Hair Straightener?

There are several reasons that makes mini hair straighteners a great deal for you:

  • If your hair is short and choppy, they’re the best for easy and quick styling.
  • If like traveling a lot, they’re portable and easy to carry around for vacations.
  • For easy hair styling while on the go. Some ladies carry them to work and gym, and use them to revamp hair.
  • They’re not designed to straighten long, course and, thick hair.

Things to consider when choosing or shopping for the Best mini hair straightener   

1. Heat Settings- For your hair texture

Depending on your hair texture, it’s good to pick a straightener that will work for you without damaging your hair. Coarse and thick hair requires a hair straightener    that heats up to high temperatures while fine and thin hair are easy to style with a medium heat regulated straightener.

Ladies with finer hair can choose irons that comes with a variety of different heat settings in order to prevent hair breakage and damages. The best option is to opt for digital straighteners that lets you customize the exact heat temperature that will work for your hair texture. 

2. Grip and weight 

If you want a mini hair straightener that works great for you, please choose the one that is lightweight. Heavy irons can be difficult to use for long, so a lighter iron will get the whole job done. Another aspect to consider is the grip. If you’re unable to hold the straightener well, you won’t be able to use it for long. If you have small hands a straightener with smaller grip is the best deal for you. 

3. Safety Features and Convenience

Before you buy a straightener, it’s always a good idea to go through its convenience and safety features. For example, if you travel a lot to different parts of the world, you’ll need an iron that supports dual voltage. Some of the other key features include indicator lights to alert the user when the iron is heating, thumb rests to protect you from getting burned and things like safe travel pouch for carrying the straightener around.

3. Coating and plating material

Something else to look for is the type of materials used for the plates. Most straighteners either come build with titanium or ceramic. Both of theses materials have their own peculiarities when it comes to their ironing effectiveness. Straighteners that come with plates made of titanium tend to heat up a bit faster than ceramic straighteners.

It’s a good advantage for those who like quick hairstyling, the only drawback with titanium is that they have cold spots. In ceramic straightener, the plates heat slowly but its heat temperatures are distributed evenly. All these features are under personal preference, so whichever straightener that you choose is up to you to decide. 

 4. Plate Size and Width

Plates width refers to the plate area where the hair is straightened or curled. The plate width of your mini hair straightener is very important since it affects how your hair is styled for different thickness and length.

Short plates of 12mm to 20 mm work great for thin and short hair while thicker plates are ideal for longer and thicker hair. Plate thickness varies between models and manufacturers, always compare different brands to get the right straightener with a perfect plate width that will work for your hair. 

Curling Vs Straightening- What’s the difference?

Flat irons are commonly used to straighten hair. Most people get confused by which Straightener to buy for either curling or straightening. Curling hair requires one to have a curling wand and both hair styles requires one to have different tools. There is a very big difference between a curling wand and a mini flat iron straightener, below is given description. 

1. Curling Wand

A curling wand is primary used to curl hair. It’s called a wand because of its shape, it comes with a long wand and a ceramic rod where hair is wrapped around. The wrapping of the hair ensures that it will stay curled after it’s heated for a few minutes or specific time. The strength of the curls is determined by how long the hair is wrapped around the wand. Curling irons can only be used to curl hair.

2. Flat Iron

A flat iron is the only device used to straighten hair. It consists of two metal plates made of either titanium or ceramic that close together with your hair in between them. Flat iron doesn’t have a wand shape and there is a very big notable difference between a flat iron and a curling wand. To straighten hair, the user closes the plates with her hair held between, and once the plates are heated up, the flat iron is moved slowly along the held hair to straighten it. 

 Flat Iron Straightener for Curling

The biggest difference between a curling wand and a flat iron is that, a flat iron can be used to curl hair while a curl wand cannot be used to straighten hair. For most brand, Mini hair straighteners come with a dual support; curling and straightening. If you want to achieve both hair styles, always choose a mini hair straightener with dual support or capabilities. 

Best 5 Mini Hair straighteners for you

1. MHU Professional Travel  Hair Straightener

The MHU Professional Travel mini hair straightener is one of the best professional iron in the market. It comes with ceramic plates and compact design that enables you to carry the straightener with you every where you go.

The MHU Professional Travel is very functional, lightweight, comfortable to use and it can be used to straighten different hair lengths.

One good thing about this straightener is that, it heats up very fast. In just 30 to 40 seconds, the plates heats to temperatures of up to 200 degrees which is a fairly high heat for getting your hair done.

Despite being able to heat up so fast, the iron is quite energy efficient and consumes very little power. The beneficial properties of ceramics help to evenly distribute the heat throughout the services of the plates. 

To operate the straightener, MHU Professional Travel comes with just a single button for on/off that’s located on one of its side. Once you turn the devices, all you need to do is wait for less than 40 seconds for the plates to heat up before you can start styling your hair.

MHU Professional Travel comes with very compact dimensions that boasts some great technical specs. The device is quick, efficient and powerful to get all your hair styling needs done. With a length of 15cm long, the device fits well in the hand.

Generally, the MHU Professional Travel mini straightener is great styler to carry around and comfortably style hair everywhere you go. 



It’s very safe to use

Doesn’t do well on thin hair

Zero sticking 

Can pull your skin taut to reduce discomfort

Comes with a safety pouch for caring around

2. HIS Professional Mini Straightener

The HIS Professional Mini Straightener is a top version and one of the best flat iron for hair styling. It has ceramic plates and curved tips that allows users to straighten different hair lengths. Unlike other straighteners, the HIS Professional Mini Straightener plates are a bit smaller and this makes it a suitable straightener for quick touch ups.

Both plates are covered with ceramic that allows hair to glide smoothly. The straightener takes about one minute to heat up, there is an LED indicator that blinks red once the plates heats up. 

Even though the Straightener is quite small in size, chances of getting your hands burned are very minimal. Its handle is well insulated and doesn’t get hot during use, even for long hours.

The good thing about HIS Professional Mini Straightener is that it comes in four colors; red, blue, green and black, so everyone can pick something cool that matches with his/her taste. Its quick heating time, attractive design and ease of use makes this straightener a great option for trips and vacays. 



It’s very safe to use and doesn’t cause any hair damage.

Not so good for longer hair.

It’s designed for comfort. 

User can’t control heat temperatures 

Its ceramic plates distribute heat evenly.

Comes with an insulated handle

3. KIPOZI Mini Hair Straightener

Most ladies with thin and short hair find it hard to get a flat iron that will work perfectly for them. Models with very thick plates don’t do well on short hair while smaller plates may not heat well to really straighten the hair. With the KIPOZI Mini Hair Straightener, the case is different.

This professional mini straightener is specifically made for women with thin and short hair. Its ceramic plates measure 1.3 cm (thickness)which is the perfect size for curling or straightening short hair. The smaller plates allow one to straighten fringes as well as get close to the scalp, which other models can’t achieve or not suited for. 

With the narrow plates, there is no need to worry about heat distribution or cold spots since the straightener plates are designed for full equal heating. Within 40 seconds after being plugged to power, the KIPOZI Mini Hair Straightener

Heats up to 200 degrees which is a great temperature for getting curls and straightening hair. If you have thin and short hair, consider getting the KIPOZI Mini Hair Straightener, it’s the best deal you will ever find. 



It’s equipped with ceramic technology

Designed specifically for short and thin hair

Rapid heating in a matter of seconds 

Minimizes hair damages 

4. Solofish Hair Straightener

Solofish is one of the new mini hair straightener brands in the market. Nowadays, it has become so popular due to its lovely straightener that is made of high quality and effective plates. It is a serious performer and one of the most affordable mini straighteners in the market. The flat iron is quite portable and can easily fit in your handbag, gym bag and palm.

It is a very ideal mini straightener that you can easily carry around with you and style your hair while at work, after a workout or before attending a crucial meeting in your organization.

With dual voltage support, this straightener can be carried abroad and used in different countries that support its power input capabilities. It comes in a 3D floating design that allow one to easily curl or straighten hair. Once powered on, the mini straightener takes 30 seconds to reach a max temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.

The Solofish Hair Straightener is great deal that doesn’t take much money from your bag nor take much money from your wallet. It’s one of the best deals you will ever get. 



Makes hair silkier and shinier

high temperatures might damage thin hair.

Protects your hair 

Non-variable heat control

Comes with a safety pouch for caring around

Heats up so fast

5. FARI Mini Hair Straightener

The FARI Mini Hair Straightener is primarily built for travers. It comes with some extra functions and its ultra-portable design makes it a great deal for those that love to style hair while on the go. Its ceramic plates measure 1.3 cm (thickness) and heat up so fast to straighten both long and short hair. 

In less than one minute the plates heats up to 180 degrees Celsius that is evenly distributed along the 18 cm long plates. 

Its handle is made of a sleek non-slip coating that provides good grip and prevents the flat iron from any accidental slipping from out of your hands.

The model comes with a very classic travel pouch that allows you to carry the flat iron with some other accessories everywhere you go. The FARI Mini Hair Straightener is a great deal for ladies that need a professional flat iron that can be easily carried around. 



Great for short hair.

High heat can damage hair

Straightens hair with ease 

Nonadjustable heat settings

Comes with a safety pouch for caring around

Final Verdict

If you’re shopping for the best mini hair straightener, your choice will primarily depend on your personal preference. All of the above straighteners come with great features and have dual support for both curling and straightening.

Depending on what you like, consider the price, hair type, size, heat up time, and dual voltage as your key features for selecting the best mini hair straighteners. But generally, most of the above hair straighteners will work great for you.