Nose Hair Waxing Best Kits, Risks and At Home

Is it easy to remove nose hair? Does waxing process hurt? Is it necessary to remove them? Nose hair waxing is meant to make you look more groomed, more feminine and even a little bit sexier.

The article provides insight on how to get rid of excessive hairs that pop out of your nose without resulting in ingrown ones and I hope it will be useful to learn about it.

While looking at waxing, we will cover the meaning, risks, best waxing kits, doing it at home and much more including tips to make it a success.

Nose hair waxing
Can I wax my nose hair?

What is waxing

Waxing refers to a process in which hair is removed from someone’s body by covering it with a thin layer of waxing strip that is then pulled off. Some of this type of services offered by salons but it can also be done at home.

This process of getting rid of unwanted hairs can be used in other parts of the body such as ears, nose, legs, thighs, pubic area, and armpits and even on the chest. However, this article focusses on waxing nasal hair only. Other parts will be covered separately in our other posts.

Kits for this process consists of coating a thin wood stick with wax which is placed slightly in the nostril and letting it stay there. Afterwards, it is jerked and it comes out with hair that has stuck on it.

It will remove removes a small amount of hair, especially the long one that protrudes outside your nose since they serve a protective function, like filtering out junk, and the waxing sticks should not get all up in there.

Nose hair waxing kit

For the most of people who keep on wondering how to remove hairs inside the nostril without hurting the delicate skin tissue but don’t worry anymore since Nad’s Nose Wax kit is available for you.

They are is considered to be the first DIY waxing kit, removing unwanted hair in minutes and leaving the nostrils hair free for up to four weeks.

It is coated with the soothing chamomile and aloe-enriched wax on the applicator, and it is meant only to remove long hairs that may tend to pop out of your nose leaving the important hair deep inside the nose undisturbed.

How to wax effectively

Here are ways on how to enhance effective this process:

  1. Clean the inside of the nostrils with a tissue.
  2. Dip the applicator into the wax and ensure it covers the entire base of the collar. Do not dip deeper than the base of the collar.
  3. Twist the applicator out of the wax to prevent excess from dripping. Tap the applicator on the rim of the jar to remove any excess wax.
  4. Immediately pull tightly down on your upper lip to hold the skin taut underneath the nose and insert the applicator into the nostril. The collar should sit outside the nostril. Do not move or twist the applicator once it has been inserted.
  5. Let the wax cool inside your nostril for at least 90 seconds but no more than 2 mins. Otherwise, you can follow the instruction on the packet.
  6. To remove, hold the stem of the applicator tightly and pull down in one swift movement. The quicker you pull the applicator, the more effective the hair removal result.
  7. Discard applicator after use or proceed to use the spatula end for deep pore cleansing. Repeat process for the other nostril.

Deep pore cleansing after waxing

  • Coat the Spatula of the applicator with a thick layer of wax. Do not coat the Stem of the applicator. Twist the applicator out of the wax to prevent the excess from dripping.
  • Apply it in a thick, even layer from the center of the nose down towards the cheek area. Treat each side of your nose separately.
  • Let it cool on the skin for 30 seconds until it is still soft and pliable but no longer sticky to touch. If the wax is left on the skin too long, it becomes hard and brittle.
  • Hold the cheek taut with the free hand. Carefully flick the wax, starting at the outer edge and then tightly grip the wax and remove in one quick motion towards the center of the nose.
  • Repeat process for opposite side of the nose and Discard the applicator after use.

Note: if you have a mustache or stubble, use the mustache stencils to protect the area. Hold the stencil tight over the area when inserting the applicator.

Risks of removing these hairs

Nose hair tends to grow longer as we get older, spilling outside of our nostrils and making unwelcome appearances in bright lights. Although they serve a very important role in our body, nasal hair removal becomes a major concern for some people.

Here are some of the side effects of removing these hairs by waxing or any other method:

  • Tweezing which involves pulling of hairs from the nose can be pretty painful and cause bad infection inside your nostrils.
  • Laser removal in the nostril tends to cause damage to the mucous membranes inside of the nose causing respiratory problems and also drainage issues.
  • Waxing is many times more painful than tweezing and the risk of infection is incredibly high. Even if you use a natural waxing product, this method should be avoided at all costs.
  • Electrolysis which completely uproots the entire hair. This means that the hair will never grow back, which is very dangerous because you are removing your body’s protection.

Waxing and home

Everyone has hairs in the nose whether male or female since it is brought about by hormonal changes in the body may cause excess ones to grow in areas in which it never grew before.

Getting rid of embarrassing them can become a top priority by using the following methods that may best suit you at home:

  • Moist Cotton Swab
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Nose Hair Trimmer

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Other removal ways

Note: here are simple steps on how to trim them”:

Trim them using a nose hair trimmer by just turning it on, and then gently press the blades of the trimmer against the skin of your nose. The trimmer will cut them the surface of the skin. Repeat as needed.

Snip nose hair using a pair of personal grooming scissors with rounded tips. Grip the grooming scissors firmly, slipping your thumb through one hole and your middle finger through the other. Support the scissors with your pointer finger as you tilt your head back, and cut away the long nose hair using the very tips of the grooming scissors.

You can also try laser hair removal. Seek out a professional specialist who has a good reputation. Ask around if you must. Laser removal can permanently do away with embarrassing, excessive ones.

Removal cream: Getting rid of nose hairs is a complicated business, and using removal cream to take care of them is actually not advised by most beauty professionals.

This is because most they are consists of toxic chemicals that melt hair, resulting in fumes that are dangerous to breathe.

If you insist on using cream, use a cream that is made with all-natural ingredients and lacks any type of added fragrance.


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