Philips Norelco OneBlade Electric Trimmer Review

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is one of the best hybrid electric groomers for men who want to trim, shave, edge beards, and achieve perfect facial styles. It’s one of Philips most modern trimmers that incorporates latest facial hair grooming technology which allows men to shave and trim any length of hair to a stunning precision. The OneBlade trimmer comes with three additional combs for achieving different hair lengths, and one can alternatively use it without a comb for perfect closer shaves. 

When compared with other electric trimmers and traditional shavers OneBlade excels in every comparison. Most men who have long-suffered from razor burns will get relived since OneBlade leaves no skin irritations behind and it’s so gentle on soft skin shaves.

Features of the Philips OneBlade electric trimmer  

  • Can shave any hair length – but not so close as traditional razors, so your skins will always be comfortable aftershave. 
  • OneBlade can shave, edge and trim any facial hair, leaving behind a perfect and appealing look.
  • Comes with a dual-sided blade for precise edging and maintaining line-up styles.
  • Three combs that allow you to trim different hair lengths.
  • The replaceable OneBlade can last up to 4 months.
  • Comes with a rechargeable NimH battery that powers up the OneBlade for 50 minutes of constant shaving and styling. 

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Tools and items included in the Philips OneBlade Box

  • Three guide combs 
  • 3/64 inches (1 mm) guide comb
  • 5/64 inches (2 mm) guide comb
  • 7/64 inches (3 mm) Guide comb
  • 1/8” comb for combing body hair
  • Edge Guard -to allow shaving around delicate areas
  • Hair clipper guide
  • A dual voltage charger

Why it is called a Hybrid electric Trimmer

Philips is one of the top electric trimmer companies that has successfully been able to design a superb electric device that is both a hair trimmer and electric razor. The combination of these two mechanisms in one device is what makes this trimmer to be referred as a Hybrid electric Trimmer.

The OneBlade uses strong-thin razor plates which helps to cut your hair close, without scratching your skin with the pointed cutting tips. The distance between the moving blade is regulated by a protective foil that enhances precise cutting actions more like an electric shaver.

Who is it designed for? 

It’s a perfect deal for men who desire to have a low maintenance electric trimmer for facial hair grooming.

The OneBlade is designed to use the latest hair trimming technology that incredibly cut off the hair without damaging skin. Its blade provides a comfortable shave that eliminates the risk of inflammation and cuts. Philips appears to dominate in the world of the best hygienic electric shavers that performs quick shaves with fewer risks being involved. 

The OneBlade electric shaver and trimmer has its own unique abilities that make it stand out from other products. The Philips Norelco OneBlade electric trimmer is an improved version of the previous Philips electric trimmers and comes with new features that create a difference. The skin guarding capability in the new trimmer is a generous addition that helps to protect soft skins areas such as underarms and neck from irritations.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Performance and Effectiveness 

If you have been using traditional shavers and razors to trim facial hair, the OneBlade offers a better shaving, trimming and hairstyling solution. With just a press of a button the fast cutting blade does all the job for you. Philips has managed to utilize its creativeness by creating a lightweight and robust electric trimmer that cut all lengths of hair with a great angle of precision. 

When compared with other electric trimmers, OneBlade seems to have a lead on noise reduction. This electric trimmer is less noisy and doesn’t sound like weird machinery moving around your face. With the blade providing a service span of up to 4 months, you can expect to get the best grooming performance from this device. 

Can be used on both dry and wet skins

For those who prefer to shave in a shower, or use shaving gel, the Philips OneBlade does the hair cutting job perfectly. As long as you don’t submerge the electric trimmer into your bath tab, this device will handle all your facial hair grooming needs every Monday morning before you leave your house for the week hustles. 

To your advantage, the OneBlade offers a great deal for dry hair shaving. Its form factor allows you to shave facial hair without worries of getting razor burns. No matter how soft your skin is, OneBlade leaves your skin the way it was, unlike traditional razors that irritate when used on soft body regions like neck and underarms.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Battery Life 

To keep the Philips Norelco running you’ll have to charge its rechargeable battery for at least 8 hours, to get 45min of shaving. If you’re a frequent user who doesn’t require too much grooming, you can manage to get an average of 5mins use for 5 days from the electric trimmer. Anyone else using the OneBlade for facial hair styling and precise trimming can get two to three shaves at most before the battery runs out of charge. Most people feel a bit skeptical about the battery powerup time, it’s quite short and should be improved to enhance better performance. 

Tips – How to use Philips Norelco Hybrid Electric shaver 

If you want to get the best shaving experience from the OneBlade shaver, follow these tips.

1. Prepare your Skin for Dry and Wet shaves

Although the OneBlade is both suited for dry and wet shaves, you’ll get better shaves if your skin is dry and stiff. Before you start shaving, always make sure your facial hair or beards are not too long and, are free from dirt and sebum. Longer facial hair can lead to skin bumps and yanking while dirt and sebum (oil from skin) can cause discomforts when shaving. 

For the best-wet shaves, use warm water to wash your facial parts, this helps to get rid of oils while softening the hair. Apply some foam or shaving gel onto your neck and facial hair. Leave it for about 5min to allow the stubble coarse lining to soften, then proceed with shaving. 

2. Use a good shaving angle

If you want to get better shavings without straining, hold the OneBlade shaver at a right-angle towards your face. Use your other hand to support your skin taught so as to keep the hair follicles straight. This will help to fasten shaving time as well as minimize skin discomforts.

3. Stick to OneBlade for a while

If you’re new to electric shaving, you might feel uncomfortable while using Philips Norelco OneBlade electric trimmer and shaver for the first time. If this happens to you(don’t stress or freak out), be patient and stick to the electric shaver, your skin might take several weeks to adjust to it. 

4. Clean the Electric shaver after each use

Just like any other shaving device, the Philips Norelco electric trimmer requires regular cleaning after every shave in order to serve better and last longer. 

Benefits of using Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Shaver

1.Shave faster

One of the best advantages of owning an electric trimmer is that it allows you to shave your hair a bit faster than traditional razors. Sometimes you may find yourself late for work or an important event and then all over suddenly you realize you haven’t shaved your beards. If you have OneBlade with you, all you need is to turn it on, and in less than 5 minutes you’re done and ready to leave for work.

2. Eliminates cuts, nicks and ingrown hairs

If you have ever used manual razors and blades, you can remember how painful the cuts, ingrown hairs and nicks were during shaving. With Philips electric shaver, you are less likely to experience any skin irritations since skin-contact with the blade is protected and prevented by the foil.

3. Helps to Control stubble size

If you are a fashion icon and wants to have a nice-looking stubble, electric shavers are the best deals. The OneBlade trimmer comes with 3 combs and settings that you can adjust to control the intensity of your facial hair shaves.

4. Saves you money 

Traditional razors require shaving creams, gels, and soap while shaving. Also, they don’t last for long, and you will always have to replace them frequently. The OneBlade helps you to save money in the long run since you don’t have to buy shaving soaps and creams. Once you replace the replaceable shaving blade, your electric trimmer will be up and running for several months.

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Bottom Line

If you’re concerned about your facial hair growth and want to make shaving and trimming beards a much easier experience, get the Philips Norelco OneBlade electric shaver and trimmer that does a perfect shaving job for you.

This electric trimmer is designed to provide comfortable and smooth shaves, and since it’s made by Philips, you will appreciate all the unique features, durability and precise hair trimming capabilities that comes with it. This electric trimmer is designed to provide comfortable and smooth shaves, and since it’s made by Philips, you will appreciate all the unique features, durability and precise hair trimming capabilities that comes with it.