Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss: Remedies and Treatments

Do you experience dry scalp that sometimes becomes itchy? Is your it accompanied by hair loss? Are these conditions or other the cause of your scalp hair to fall off? Let’s see the causes and connections between dry scalp and hair loss. We’ll also dwell on the effective ways to get rid of these two.

Can dry scalp syndrome cause loss of hair?

Dry scalps are usually itchy and irritating, this can initiate scratching which may aggravate the situation. Though there are different causes, the symptoms may be virtually the same. it is a common problem for many people especially Americans. Its causes include harsh hair care products, dehydration, climatic conditions, stress and anxiety and medical conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and fungus among many others.

So, you have been wondering whether it can really contribute to your this loss, yes it can but in rare cases. However, hair loss causes have a wide range that involves issues to do with skin disorders, scalp infections, hormonal disorders, and certain medications especially those used to treat cancer, arthritis, depression, heart failures, and birth control.

Having explained all these, the good news is that, there are many ways to heal this dryness and stop further loss. We`ll discuss them later in this article. Now, you major concern is how dry scalp causes hair loss right? Good, just scroll below to explore the whole theory.

How dry scalp causes hair loss

Already we have confirmed that dry scalp can lead to hair loss, so our next move is to see how this happens. You will have dryness if the moisture content is depleted, I hope you know that? When dry may then be extremely itchy and this will definitely urge you to scratch it, and scratching is the beginning of the whole problem. It will cause some hair to fall out.

Alternatively, scratching may damage the scalp skin leading to formations of wounds or scalp sores. As those wounds or sores will tend to heal, they will form scabs that if picked, may come out with some hair. Fortunately, that due to scratching is normally temporary.

What about if the resultant wounds get infected? This will lead to a severe condition that may result in a large amount of hair loss. As we have laid before, there are many ways you can employ to manage both the two issues. These include medical treatments and natural remedies.

Best treatment

These disorders are short-term conditions that vanish immediately you cooperate in addressing them with the right medications. Shampoos for dry scalp can eliminate dryness on your scalp by nourishing the scalp and thus making the hair follicle healthier and stronger, this will limit the loss. Below are the recommended shampoos that will help you relieve dry scalp hair loss:

Best Shampoos

1. Bossley Boss Revive Nourishing Shampoo for Visibly Thinning Hair.

This shampoo contains a variety of ingredients that include saw palmetto, among others. It ensures that you don’t suffer hair loss or dryness. It is advantageous in thickening and leaving your hair silky with a nice fragrance. Note this, this therapy should not be used by persons with color treated hair.

2. Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo for – Recovery and Regrowth.

Phytoworx shampoo is herbal-based regimen made from the stem cells and other plant ingredients such as Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Leaves, and peppermint. These ingredients are known to nourish the scalp, thicken it, and recover it from hair thinning by enhancing its regrowth within a span of weeks. It should be used alongside other shampoos or conditioners for excellent results.

3. Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo

This shampoo has saw palmetto, biotin, wheat protein, and vitamins as its ingredients. “This product reduces oiliness, promotes hair growth, and reduces dandruff,” says

Most individuals can account for the amazing performance by this shampoo. It will leave the hair thickened than before with no oiliness or even flake. As it is the case in Phytoworx organic shampoo, Avalon should be used together with a good conditioner.

4. Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo

This is a worldwide therapy known to treat dry scalp disorders over time. Many customers who have tried it Neutrogena have testified about its amazing potentials. It contains neuter solubilized coal tar extract, macrogol lauryl ether, sodium chloride, purified water among other ingredients, all for relieving dryness, removing dandruff on your scalp as well as beautifying your hair. If you find yourself allergic to this shampoo, seek medical attention immediately.

5. Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo

I know this might appear strange but I bet you will like the way it will perform awesomely results. Nizoral Shampoo contains ketoconazole that treats dandruff hence eliminating minor disorders like dryness and hair loss. It also has a light scent that leaves your once foul smelly hair smelling nice again. For acute conditions, doctor’s advice will help you.

There are a variety of shampoos and treatments including salicylic acid-based shampoos, Gels, Creams, and Lotions that have flooded various markets but, getting the right one for your condition might be thought-provoking.

Take precautions on what you apply on your head, probably it may cause other hazardous conditions than you could imagine. If an irritation crops up after applying a certain regimen, discontinue it immediately and see the doctor for examination.

Home remedies

Natural remedies can be used alternatively to treat your conditions alongside securing you from getting the problem in future. Maybe you have tried different treatments in vain, thank heavens, there are cheaper means of bringing your problems to an end. Described below are some natural home remedies you can use to treat and prevent dry scalp and hair loss:

i. Coconut oil

This is a natural remedy that assists you to push away this problem of dryness and prevalent hair loss. It works by creating a barrier that aids in making the skin remain moisturized and healthy and hence relieving dryness. For application,

  • Wash your scalp and apply a little coconut oil gently on your scalp.
  • After half an hour or so, wash it off using a shampoo that is not perfumed.
  • This should be repeated for at least three times a week.

Alternatively, you can warm your coconut oil until it melts then mix it with your shampoo before washing your hair and scalp.

ii. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another remedy that plays a great role in relieving very these disorders beside other skin functions. This is done by moisturizing the scalp hence ensuring optimum conditions of the scalp are maintained for its nourishment and proper functioning.

  • Apply some fresh aloe vera gel to your scalp
  • By the help of your fingers, massage it gently on the scalp.
  • Allow it to sit for 10 – 15 minutes and then using a mild shampoo, wash your hair.

iii. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an antifungal, anti-inflammation and antibacterial product that works powerfully in treating these issues by relieving the itchiness caused by an overgrowth of harmful fungus and inversion of bacteria on the scalp that damages hair follicles if not controlled. It has various ways of application. Below is a simple procedure you can apply:

  • Add 10 – 20 drops of tea tree oil to half cup of baby shampoo
  • Apply it on daily basis on your scalp until improvement is detected.
  • Otherwise, it can be melted and mixed with a teaspoonful of natural vegetable oil and applied on the scalp regularly. Same excellent results are achieved.

iv. Egg Yolk

“Different hair types need different components of the egg,” [] Egg yolk has emulsifying properties that assist to put together the hair pack ingredients as a dense mixture. It leaves it beautiful, soft, smooth and silky. It also helps the pack to stick to the hair and penetrate the scalp and hair follicles and thus ensures healthier scalp. For application:

  • Break two eggs and put them in a bowl
  • Add few tablespoons of olive oil and beat them well
  • Apply it on your scalp using your fingers and let it sit for 30 minutes
  • Shampoo your hair using cold water to avoid the foul smell that comes out upon washing with warm water.

v. Avocado and Banana Mask

Avocado and banana are natural fruits that are easily accessible in our homes. Probably you may not have ever thought about what they can do to your hair. They work by moisturizing it and restoring the scalp. They also promote regrowth of hair hence terminating loss problem.

  • Take a banana and an avocado and peel them
  • Put them together and blend them well to form a smooth paste
  • Add olive oil to the paste and mix them well
  • Apply it on your head beginning from the roots and cover it with a shower cap
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it using a mild shampoo
  • Applying it once a week will help you rid of the disorder

There are a big number of natural remedies that we cannot actually exhaust all of them. More importantly, just choose a remedy and apply it consistently. When the over the counter treatment and the above remedies don’t improve your condition all, see your doctor.

He/she will prescribe more advanced treatment depending on the causes. This may include oral and topical stronger medications, injections, or procedures such as laser, surgeries, or hair transplantation for permanent of severe hair loss.

More tips

To prevent the occurrence or re-occurrence of these two phenomena, you can use the tip bellows.

  • Drink plenty amount of water every day
  • Avoid too much or too frequent shampoo application
  • Consult with your nutritionist for proper diet
  • Apply essential oil to ensure moisturized scalp.
  • Avoid harsh hair care products especially those containing alcohol
  • Avoid too much exposure to the sun to prevent sunburned scalp


Dry scalp is a mild condition and one of the balding signs that should even lead to hair loss. Keeping the optimal moisture content on it is the key. Try to avoid scratching your scalp, though this is often difficult, you can apply essential oils to relieve itchiness.

Remember scratching is what leads to hair loss and not to dry up. You may have a non-itchy dry scalp and for this case, no hair fall will be noticed, why? Because you don’t scratch. Not to forget, scratching leads to the development of scabs that fall out with the hair.

So when treating these two, the first step is to relieve itchiness and then restore the moisture content of the scalp. This is made possible through the application of OTC products and home remedies. If both don’t work for you, see your doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible.