Best Hair Breakage Treatments: Natural, African American

What is the best treatment for breaking hair? How do you repair these breakages? Learn more about the best treatments you should use to fix your locks that are ever breaking.

While looking at the various treatments, we will look at best products to go for including shampoos and protein treatments, African American treatment options, natural and steps to follow and much more. Ted.

Are there treatments that work?

First, I want to clarify what this article will be about. We do not intend to discuss the various ways to stop or prevent this problem from occurring.  We intend to concentrate on the best treatment and some best product f you can actually turn to. Of course, preventing or stopping is the first step towards successful treatment.

On whether there are treatments that work in reducing this issue or not, the answer is YES, there are so many treatments. However, ensure you have looked at our work on natural remedies, how to stop, and how to prevent as well what makes your hair to break. This will make everything clearer and there are tons of things to learn.

So, what are some of the best treatment options or what are some of the ways on how to fix hair breakage?

Use the best shampoo and conditioners – products

The first anti-breakage hair treatment is going for treatment products available in the market. You will get many conditioners and shampoos which alone or mixed with other products can effectively treat this problem. Some of the best products include:

Hair Breakage Treatment conditioner – Go for leave-in conditioners will reduce tangling and consequently reduce breakages as you comb it. Some of the best conditioners to try include Matrix Sleek Look Conditioner. Alternatively, you can use your regular conditioner but add about 2 teaspoons of olive oil and let it remain in your hair for about 5 minutes before washing it off. Do this once a week.

Best Shampoo for Hair Breakage – The second product you should consider using are shampoos for breaking hair. There are quite a number of such products in the market with some of the overhyped. Going for products such as Pantene Pro-V Anti-Breakage Shampoo, John Frieda Root Awakening Health Infusing Shampoo, Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo,  and other best shampoo brands will help.

Other repair products you can use include breaking hair split ends serum, breaking hair detangling spray, leave in treatment  (such as Lee Stafford- Leave-In Treatment) among many others.

Just ensure you get the correct products that have proven results.  Most of these products will give your hair its texture, make it smooth, elastic, lustrous and shiny, prevent split ends, and fix breakage completely.

Try Protein hair treatment – strengthening

One of the at home treatment you can try is the protein hair treatment. This is highly recommended for people whose hair is breaking at an alarming rate.  Try products such as ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment, which is really good, as an extreme hair breakage treatment and it will help people who are losing so much hair through especially in tracks.

However, ensure you do not overdo it when using this anti-breakage treatment. Going for something mild and a good deep conditioner will help reverse the breakage you are experiencing since 70% of its composition is keratin, a kind of protein. In fact, people who do not get enough proteins and other nutrients might be biggest casualties of such cases.

OTC medications – Retin –A, Rogaine

Some medications such as Retin-A and Rogaine are believed to help not only in stopping hair loss but also work as good treatment to stop it from breaking off.

However, before you turn to over the counter medication, it is good to know what actually is behind its breakage. If it’s poor handling, hot processing (curling irons, blow dryers, etc.) deal with them before you go for over the counter medications. Your hair specialist should be helpful in telling you what could be causing your breakage.

Go to professional salons for breakage repair

If you really want a hair breakage repair, you should consider going to a professional salon to be helped. These experts will study it, treat it and/or give you sound advice on how you can avoid further breakages. Professionals will really help in dealing with relaxed hair breakage treatment.

Of course, there are professional salons that offer such treatments in virtually any town. However, before settling for any stylist for advice and/or on best options, ensure they are qualified.

Finally, although some people prefer caring for their hairs on their own, a professional has experience and he or she is well trained. Experience and training are what makes the difference between you and them. Always consult them and hear what they have to say.

Natural hair breakage treatment

If you are looking for natural treatments, we have comprehensively covered them under home remedies for hair breakages. You will get several ways, which can help you deal with this menace cost-effectively and without any further harm. In fact, the best treatments are actually the natural ones where you will use various recopies and natural products.

These are some of the best extreme hair breakage treatments you can turn to. Couple these treatments with the various ways we have discussed on how to stop, how to prevent and natural or home remedies. However, it all begins with knowing the cause of your breakage or damage hair before you can begin treating it.

Treatments for African American or black hair

This problem is more prevalent in African American and Africans due to their delicate hair that tends to tangle so much. We decided to dedicate this small part since it is fragile.  If you have this hair type, ensure you do not manipulate it too much, use hot processing (blow dryers, curling irons, etc), and reduce the use of hair dyes, colorings, and other chemical treatments.

Furthermore, ensure you do not use rubber bands (use fabric instead) and do not tie them on the same point. Perm, ponytails, and buns when tight can cause African American hair breakage. Also, stop using products that contain sulfates (strips away natural oils from scalp and hair), wash it at least once a week, keep it moisturized, carefully detangle it, cover it at night when going to bed,  reduce heat treatments and styling.

All these and many other ways have been covered in ways on how to stop, prevent and natural remedies for hair that breaks.

Although it is more fragile, the treatment for black hair should be much similar to the treatments discussed above but you bear in mind that it is fragile and vulnerable to breakages.

How to repair and fix hair breakage – treating steps

We have seen some of the best treatment. It is time discuss how you would go about if you want to treat it. Basically, there are three steps, cleaning, repairing and restoring. Here is how to go about them:

Clean It Well – Before you begin repairing it, ensure it is clean. Dirt makes hair very brittle. Get a good shampoo for hair breakage to ensure it not only cleans but also protects it. Some people often avoid cleaning it because they imagine cleaning might make it break. However, the contrary is true since when it is dirty, it becomes very brittle.

Repair It – When you go to the treatment step, get a good treatment such as Natures Gentle Touch Deep Conditioning Cholesterol Treatment that will enhance tensile, cuticle abrasion and bending modulus strength. If you prefer natural approaches, see the natural remedies if you want to learn some of the ways on how to repair hair breakage naturally.

There are many products you can use in repairing it which will give you a great result. Ensure you have read various reviews and seen what people are saying about the other products you can use in repairing it.

Restore Your Hair – Finally, once you are through with repair, you need to restore it to make it shiny, silky and give it a good texture. Here, you will go for a good leave-in conditioner that will reduce tangling.  Restoration is very important since it will stop further breakages and make it very strong. A good texture means reduced tangling.

From all the above best treatments, you should find something that can help fix your case.  We have discussed the various ways on how to fix or repair treatments it that can be of much help to you. You also know the basics of how to repair breaking hair.