Home Remedies for Hair Breakage: Olive, Coconut, Egg

Are you looking for home remedies for hair breakage? We have all that and much more. Having shiny, silk and healthy hair is every woman’s dream but due to poor care, curlers, straighteners, exposure to sun, chemical treatments and so on, most people end up with both damaged and badly breaking hair.


In this section, we want to discuss how to stop hair breakage naturally, or the so-called natural and home remedies. These are cost-effective, readily available approaches that everyone can make use of. Some of them will add to the various other areas we have already discussed such as the best treatments, how to prevent breaking off your hair or how to stop it effectively.

Home remedies for should be your number one approach to combat this problem. Most of these remedies are harmless and use only natural products i.e. they are free of harsh and harmful chemicals that might weaken or cause hair dryness, among other side effects.

These remedies, coupled with other good care practices such as using protective hairstyles, using a right comb, trimming split ends, reducing hot hair process, etc. will ensure you have perfect hair. So, what are some of the common remedies for breakages?

Which is the best home remedy?

If you are looking for the best natural remedies for this problem, you deserve to know there are so many. In fact, they are countless. We have selected some of the most recommended remedies i.e. those that many people gave positive feedback.

1. Treatment Using Egg

Eggs, when combined with other products can be used to treat both breaking and damaged hair. It is a source of lecithin, and proteins both, which can add the shine, repair damages and improve its texture. If you opt for this home remedy, here are the options you have:

3 Eggs+2 tbsp of Olive oil + 1 tbsp of Honey

Mix them together and apply them to your moist hair and scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and wait for 30 minutes before rinsing the mixture off with lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo

2 Eggs + ½ Cup of Full Fat Yogurt + 1½ tbsp Almond Oil

Stir until it becomes creamy and uses it to massage your hair and scalp. Cover your head for about an hour using shower cap or towel and wash it using a good shampoo.

3 Eggs + 1 tbsp Vinegar + 1tbsp Olive Oil + 1 tbsp coconut oil

Add a few drops of essential rosemary oils to this mixture and apply it to your scalp and hair. Leave it for about 25-30 minutes before using a gentle shampoo to wash it off.

The above home remedies have been found effective to some people. They will also ensure it is stronger and healthier. People suffering from damaged hair will greatly benefit.

2. Treatment Using Hot Oil

Also, try using hot oil messages. This is not only a remedy for hair breakage but also for dry hair as well as damaged one. Various natural oils such as olive, almond, castor, corn, lanolin and coconut oils are normally used. They are excellent in restoring moisture, which is essential in stopping breakage or brittleness. They are also a source of nourishment.

To use this treatment, you will warm about 4 tbsp on any of these oils, and massage your head, ensuring each hair has this oil, wrap it with a hot towel or shower cap to give the oil a chance to penetrate your scalp and hair deeply. Leave it overnight or rise after at least 20 minutes using normal shampoo and lukewarm water.

3. Use Coconut Oil Prior to Washing

This remedies can be of much help to you. Washing puts much stress and shrinks your hair, especially when water is evaporating from your hair. Coconut oil has been found to reduce this pressure, reduce split ends, breakages and gradual damage. Apply coconut oil before washing, especially the previous night to ensure it penetrated well and get maximum benefits.

4. Balanced Diet

If you want the inside-out beauty, diet plays a very important role. Ensure your diet has the necessary ingredients to promote healthy and strong hair that will not break easily. This is not only a home remedy but also a way to treat, stop or prevent such breakages and encourage regrowth.

Further on diet, ensure your diet is rich in beta-carotene, lean proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, biotin, iron, among many other vitamins. In addition, to keep it hydrated, you need to take at least eight glasses of water daily.

If you cannot get all these nutrients, consider going for vitamin supplements which will give your body iron, biotin, vitamin B, A, E, CoQ10 etc. According to eHows.com, Some “foods such as yogurt, dark green vegetables, soy, whole grains, essential fatty acids, nuts, pumpkin seeds, carrots, eggs, and fruit can also help in this way”.

Another one is the use of herbs.  You can use herbs to encourage healthy hair growth and make it damage and breakage resistant. “One can take grape seed extract, green tea, wolfberry, basil extract, ginseng, Dong Quai and Shou Wu to help with this”[eHow].

5. Olive Oil+ Mayonnaise+ Vinegar

Another natural remedy is to massage your scalp and hair using this mixture. Olive oil will moisturize it, mayonnaise has eggs and oil will be important for nourishment as well as giving your hair the shine you need and vinegar will prevent entanglement since it has acetic acid and add shine to it. You should afterward use carbonated water to wash off the mixture from your head.

6. Avocado + Banana + Almond Oil Treatment

Avocado is good for deep moisturizing, healing and nourishes while banana will minimize split ends and make it soft. Mash one avocado, one banana and add ½ tbsp of almond oil. Spread them on your hair.

Other natural remedies to stop hair breakage

The above is not the only that can deal with breakage and encourage hair growth. There are many others, which include the ones we are going to mention briefly. You can get further information online if you are interested any of the specific ones.

1. Vitamin E Capsules + Shampoo

This remedy will provide nourishment and better elasticity, and thus minimize breakages.

2. Baking Soda

The list of remedies is endless.  Baking soda will remove any synthetic hairstyling products that might remain in your head as well as the dead skin on your scalp.

3. Onion Juice

Since they are rich in sulfur, onion juice can be used to encourage the growth of new hair strands. This is one of the very easy at home remedies for hair breakage that will work well if you can stand the onion smell. Of course, you will wash it afterward.

3. Aloe Vera Treatment

Aloe Vera treatment is good for moisturizing, lustrous, soft and shiny hair (4tbsps + 3tbsps yogurt), apply and leave it for 20-30 minutes before washing your hair normally.

Finally on how to stop this problem naturally, also try coconut milk applied overnight to a glossy and rich shine, honey masks, Aloe Vera + Pearl and Peppermint treatment, among many other options.

We did not cover all the remedies since they are so many. We simply covered the very basic ones. If you want additional remedies ones or including those for growth, we will cover that in a separate post. As you know, excessive hair dryness is one of the main causes of breakages.

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