Best Ways to Prevent Hair Breakage and Care Tips 

Are you wondering what to do about hair breakage? We’ve got it all for you here. While looking at this subject matter, we will come up with some of the best approaches you should use.

In fact, combining this article, with other areas we have covered on damaged and breaking hair such as home remedies, how to stop and treatment, you can deal with this problem completely.

Can it be prevented?

Knowing whether or not it can be prevented is very important. Why would you waste your time in learning how to prevent this problem when it is not possible?

Many hair professionals, experts, and stylists actually affirm that this problem can be prevented with good diet, correct care and use of some recommended products. If you have to learn everything we have covered on breaking hair, you need to ensure you have also gone through the following articles:

  • Natural and home remedies
  • Best treatments to go for if your hair is fond of breaking
  • What actually causes it
  • Which ways can you use to stop hair it from breaking

Now, let us go straight to ways to prevent this problem, which will include the following:

Avoid rubber bands, tight ponytails – good care

Of course, there are many ways to prevent this problem. Your success will be determined by the method or approach you use. Generally, ensure you use you care for your hair well. “Any time you put tension or stress on the hair you are causing some level of damage,” [].

Furthermore, do not anchor it at the same point as it will give it repeated stress and hence it will begin breaking, choose how you style it (go for high ponytail other than low), avoid making your bobby pins too tightly and at the same spot and use fabric hair bands instead of rubber bands

Use silk or cotton polished pillows

When going to bed, you should ensure you use silk pillow. They are good since they will not cause hair drying or it tangles it. Furthermore, ensure you use satin wraps and bonnets when you are going to bed. This will protect your hair and prevent it from breaking off. If you have to use cotton pillows, they have to be polished.

Moisturize to avoid excessive hair dryness

Moisturized hair tends to be stronger and break less. A simple way to prevent breakage is to go for moisturizing conditioners and shampoos such as Ion Effective Care Shampoo and Essentious Hydrate moisturizer.

There are other good moisturizers you can go for to ensure it is well hydrated. Furthermore, take sufficient amounts of water as it can help in keeping your scalp hydrated.

Detangling leave-in conditioners

So many people suffer from this problem during combing since it is tangled together. An easy way your hair snapping from this cause is going for care products that can stop tangling or a detangling leave-in conditioner. It will help in both reducing frictions as you comb it and detangle it.

Products such as Miracle 7 Leave-in Mist or Nu-Gro Leave-in-Conditioner will ensure a comb glides easily, control split ends, frizz, and ensure it is silky.

Trim split ends regularly

Having split ends, not shaping, or trimming your could be a reason why it is tangling and why you are experiencing further hair damage.

Most women assume trimming means cutting and they often refuse the idea. However, trimming it after 8-12weeks will ensure the split-ends do not dry up or become brittle. If you leave them to break off on their own, they will go to the shaft and cause an even more serious problem.

For goodness sake, you need to cut about a quarter to half an inch of your hair and you will be able to prevent hair breakage naturally.

Furthermore, ensure you use the correct scissors and it should be very sharp to give you best of results. Using wrong or blunt scissors is not advisable.

Avoid it while it is still wet

Wet hair is very fragile and can easily break. You should brush it when it has been conditioned. Many people often find it easier to comb it when it is wet but this is not a good idea. If you stretch it too much, it might be able to recover back and hence break off. This is one of the very easy ways to prevent it snapping off.

Let your hairstylist handle it

Whereas many people struggle with their hair while they do not know about its care, it is time you let your trained, and highly experienced stylist to help you.

Other than using the correct products to prevent this problem, your hairstylist will carefully handle your hair and ensure minimum damages. Furthermore, most of the professional stylists know how to prevent it from breaking and they will apply their knowledge. Sit back, relax and let an expert help you.

Choose your dryer wisely

When using a dryer, you deserve to know that there are many technologies used in making this equipment including ceramic, tourmaline and ionic technologies. Ensure you go for what will process it faster.  Experts warn that “…when you hold a hot hair dryer on hair for too long, the water in the hair heats to a boil, so it cooks and blisters hair,” [].

Use natural products

Most artificial care products contain many chemicals that can be very harmful including sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc. Instead, go for natural products, which have many benefits that will stop this issue and ensure you have it is healthy and very strong. Combining such products with the various home remedies will ensure perfect results.

Reduce heat processing

Another great way on how to reduce breakage is the use of flat iron, blow dryers, hot rollers, curling wands, crimpers, and curling irons and so on. Go for styles that will not require much styling. Too much heat processing can irreversibly damage your hair.

When using a blow dryer, ensure you keep it a distance of about 6 inches from your hair and use the coolest setting once it has dried for about 80% naturally. Do not blow-dry it while it is still dripping.

Other ideas, tips, and ways

Protective Hairstyles – The styles you wear can be important too, ensure you always go for styles that are protective.

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals – Further on how to prevent hair from breaking, ensure you stay away from the very harsh chemicals, which have many damaging effects.  Consult your stylist if it is ok to use chemicals or go for natural options such as Nu-Gro Nu-Laxer hair relaxer kit.
  • Use wide Toothed Comb with Smooth Edges – going, the choice of comb you will use can have a big impact. Ensure you always go for a wide-toothed comb with edges that are smooth to avoid trapping your hair. 

    Furthermore, you could embrace the boar bristle brushes, as they are better than plastic and will not snap or snag it and they are better in smoothing it and ensuring natural oils are well distributed.
  • Avoid Tight Ponytails – If you have to wear ponytails, ensure it is not tight and “always use a cushion-base, boar-bristle brush and covered elastics” [Sally Beauty]. This is a great way on how to avoid hair breakage.
  • Avoid Rubbing it with A Towel – Even if you are late somewhere, you should not dry it vigorously using a towel this can cause breakage. Instead, be gentle and squeeze it downwards gently or blot it. No amount of urgency can compensate for damaged hair. Furthermore, ensure you use a microfiber towel.
  • Avoid Salty or Chlorinated Water – Ensure you stay away from products and water with chlorine as it makes your scalp to itch and begin flaking away or break. Furthermore, on preventing hair breakage, ensure it is not too dirty or exposed to too much sunlight.

These are not the only ways of preventing breakage, which can really help. Some of them include what we discussed in best ways to stop hair breakages such as proper nutrition, not manipulating it too much, seal it ends with oil such as Castor Oil and keep them moisturized, etc.

If you already have broken hair, try the various best treatments or home remedies if from further breaking.