How to Fix Broken Hair at Hairline & Crown and Treatments

Having broken hair can be very frustrating. We are going to discuss the various ways to fix it including treatments you can use for general breakage or if it happens at your hairline and at your crown which if ignored can make it recede or lead to permanent hair loss.

Broken or consistent breakage, is a challenge to many women, especially the Africans and African Americans since they have the most fragile hair type prone to breakage. Unless they know how to handle such it well as well as how to fix it if breaks, this problem can leave someone feeling hopeless and helpless.

Imagine the feeling you get when you realize your comb has so much hair each time you comb it. Some people often start imaging it could be a serious problem when they are just taking bad care it. Therefore, what causes this problem?

Where it occurs

You should expect this problem in various parts your head including hairline, on the crown or at the top of your head.  It can also happen in the temple areas.

Causes of broken hair

If you are suffering from this problem, it is wise to know what actually causes it. Once you are certain, you will be able to choose from the many ways on how to it, one that works well for you.  Some of the main causes include the following:

  • Too much manipulation, styling, taut ponytails, buns, plaiting it tightly, etc can cause breakages at the crown and hairline.
  • The use of chemical straighteners, perms, relaxers, dyes, and other harsh chemicals might weaken or make it vulnerable.
  • Using hard water as well as shampoos that contain sulfates since sulfates will strip away all the natural fats in leaving it dry and brittle.
  • Some medical conditions such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa, hypothyroidism, among many others
  • Pulling, wrong accessories, exposure to too much sunlight, and excessive stress

These are some of the main causes. There are other causes you deserve to know, most of which we have covered comprehensively on causes of hair breakages.

How to repair or fix it – treatments

If your hair breaks,  whether it is crown, at your hairline or you simply it is dry so it breaks easily, you need to know how to treat it effectively. We have already covered ways to prevent, stop and treat hair breakage problem.

We even went a mile further to give you some of the best natural remedies. However, for the sake of this discussion, we will quickly mention ways on how to regrow broken hair or treat it.

How to prevent breakages 

The first way to fix it is to stop it from breaking. Some of the recommended ways are to moisturize it adequately, use silk pillows, use detangle leave-in products (especially for African Americans), trim split ends, do not brush it is while wet, use natural products, and avoid taut hairstyles.

These are preventive approaches aimed at ensuring it does not occur. If you follow them, you will need not to struggle to try to fix breakage, as it will hardly be breaking.

How to stop breakage

If you want to stop breakage, try managing stress, have a balanced diet (and supplements), don’t mess your hormones, change your styling to a safe one, reduce hot processing such as dryers, curling, and flat irons, stop using harsh chemicals such as dyes, bleaches, relaxers, etc.

How to treat breakage

If you have decided to try broken hair treatments, they include over the counter medication such as Retin-A and Rogaine, protein treatment, use of breakage treatment products including shampoos and conditioners, and getting the assistance of a professional.

These treatments are supposed to help repair and heal it completely. You have to couple them with proper care, and ways stopping and preventing breakage we have looked at.

Natural remedies

These are at-home approaches that can fix hair breakage that is cost-effective. Some of the common ones include hot essential oil treatments, egg treatment, onion juice, baking soda, coconut milk, and oil, etc.

If you want to fix it anywhere on your head or scalp, you need to know what causes it and deal with the cause. To get more details on each of the points mentioned, especially on how to fix it at home or simply home remedies, visit each of the articles on hair breakage since they will be extremely important.

I hope the above ways on how to treat and how to grow broken hair has been of much help.  I also hope that next time your friend has this problem; you will be able to assist him or her.