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Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Warm, Cool, Olive Skin

Hair Color

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Warm, Cool, Olive Skin

Find out what hair color suits hazel eyes including hazel brown and hazel green. The options you go for must accentuate them.

Pros & Cons

Hazel eyes’ interesting blend of colors is both a pro and con when it comes to choosing hair colors.

Pro because if you frame them right, they are truly a sight to behold with all the green, brown, grays, amber and even blues.

Best hair colors for hazel eyes and olive skin

Best hair colors for hazel eyes and olive skin

Con because with all the specks and glints of different hues going on, you may be stumped as to what hair colors will accentuate them best. If you have them and are thinking to change it, you might have one of if not all of the following questions.

How do you choose one that makes them pop? Is there a particular one that always works? Are there colors that are no nos? What is the best one to go for?

We have a few suggestions that will help you select a good color to make those then shine without making your complexion dull or look washed out.

Stay with us for helpful tips. They will help you look awesome. With will consider options for the various skin tones.

With cool and warm skin undertones

Because of the mix of colors, beauties are more likely to find flattering hair colors easily. Before we delve into what some of your best bets are, we will just put this out there. They tend to differ depending on the prominent color in them.

Some will have more green showing while other will have more brown or even grey. Because of this, you may find that the best option may do nothing for brown hazel eyes. It is important that you know what are your eyes prominent colors, as well as what you want to do with them. For example, do you want to mute the green so the amber comes out or do you want to accentuate them so the green stands out?

Do not forget to also consider your skin’s undertones. Warm skin tones have golden and greenish undertones while cool skin tones have blue or purple undertones. Yellow skin or gold-toned skin typically falls under warm coloring while pink or red skin falls under cool ones.

Warm skin tone

If you have warm skin tones, golden blonde is great to pick up the gold glints in your eyes. If you prefer brunette, go for the golden brown too.

According to the plush salon, “golden undertones always look stunning with hazel eyes”. This would make golden browns, blonde, and a golden red the best options for warm skin tones.

You can also explore red shades like strawberry blonde, and copper. According to if you have tan skin too, ‘opt for “bronde”: rich honey light brown” Bronde is a hot hair dye option at the moment that combines both the elements of blonde and brown hair.

Cool skin tones

If you have cool skin tones, colors of caramel, sandy blonde, mahogany, medium and light browns will flatter your skin tone and make them sparkle. Consider chocolate brown, espresso, and chestnut browns if you have a dark skin and this eye colors.

Cool shades of red will look great because of the red color playing off against the green in your eyes.

What avoid

Just like there are colors that just work, there are some you should absolutely avoid. According to, “your worst hair color choice would be an ash brown or platinum blonde.”

If you have fair skin, the next section has the best hair colors for you.

With fair skin

Fair skin looks lovely in light colors. You look natural with even the lightest of blondes, especially if you also happen to have cool coloring. Hazel eyes, however, pop when there is contrast, and since they are technically considered light eyes, even when they have more brown than green in them, then the contrast will be provided by deep and rich hair colors. Now the best option will have to be the one that will flatter your light skin and bring out the shine in your eyes.

Red looks great on fair skin and incidentally provides that oh so important contrast for hazel eyes to shine.

As for what specific shades of red, suggests “Deep auburn shades provide the perfect contrast for hazel eyes with their blends of red and warm brown. Dark “cherry soda” red is a great hue that lends a soft glow when going dark and daring with hair color.”

Darker colors may work for hazel eyes but not on fair skin. According to “Avoid jet-black dyes — if you’re hazel-eyed, they wash out fair skin and can create a ruddiness on caramel skin.”

If you want to change to a lighter one, then look among golden and honey blondes. The ash and white blondes will do nothing for your beautiful eyes as we had mentioned earlier.

With pale skin

The hair colors we have already suggested will work for most people but some may not be ideal for the pale skin. Since ash tones which look great on pale skin will make your hazel eyes dull, we suggest neutral shades then. Consider caramel, champagne, bronde, reds avoiding golden overtones especially if you have pink overtones in your skin.

If you prefer brunette colors, a light and medium brown are a good for pale skin and hazel eyes. You can go as far as chocolate or brown-black, though the darker colors are not the best bet on pale skin regardless of eye color. The contrast is just too harsh both for the skin and the hazel eyes.  You may still pull dark hair though if you have a cool pale complexion and hazel eyes.

According to, “blond hair goes best with green, blue and hazel eyes and fair, pink, creamy and light skin tones”. Consider this piece of advice if you have hazel eyes and pale, fair and pink skin.

With olive skin

Brown or brunette hair colors are the best for olive skin. According to “People with hazel eyes look perfect with browns,” This makes browns a great choice for olive skin and these eye color.

Rich browns like chocolate, mahogany, mocha, and espresso will look great on your skin tone/ complexion eye color combination. If you are a cool olive, keep to the cooler browns without golden warmth in them, if you have warm undertones, make sure the browns are warm for a great natural look.

You can also wear light shades as long as they are not too light, yellow or brassy, especially if you happen to have gold or yellow skin too.

Good lighter shades if you have an olive skin include caramel blonde and honey blondes. Most olive skinned people tend to have dark hair and eyebrows which rules out going to very blonde shades without looking unnatural. It, therefore, figures that you also think about having your dark eyebrows colored to match your hair, in a salon by a professional with tons of experience dyeing eyebrows safely, we might add.

Red shades you can try include burgundy and cinnamon.

 When hazel green eyes

If your eyes have green as the prominent in them, then you could say they are hazel green. The shade and intensity of green may vary from person to person though.

What may also vary is whether you intend to bring out the green in them, or pick out the other shades say the gold specks in them. The hair colors you choose can help you achieve both ends.

This is a useful tip from “Warm chestnut brown and neutral chocolate brown are great for making the green and gold in hazel eyes pop.”

You can also explore red shades like copper, Auburn, cherry red, mahogany and cinnamon as red contrasts beautifully with green shade making them sparkle. Just remember to pick a red that flatters your skin tone too. If you have a warm skin tone which you most likely are if you have hazel eyes, you can explore the warm golden reds while cool skinned beauties should stick to violet or blue based reds.

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