Best Hair Color for Green Eyes with Various Skin Tones

Learn how to choose the best hair color for green eyes. Get tips on choosing one that flatters them the most.

Green eyes are rare. It is only right that you make the most of them if nature blessed you so. One of the ways to do this is by choosing the hair colors which will make them gleam and stand out. The best will make them pop while also bringing out the glow in your skin.


Here are pictures showing the best choices for a fair skin and these eyes for more inspiration.

Best hair colors for green eyes
Best hair colors for green eyes

To make the best possible choice, you need to consider the following things along with your eyes.

Desired hairstyle

Some hair colors will go better with longer styles and other always a win for shorter styles. A good example is the ombre trend which looks better with longer than a short one.

Original hair color

This one determines just how light or dark you can go. The rule of thumb is that you stay within a two or three shade range from your original color. Thus, even if it is one recommended as the best shade for your green eyes, it may not be suitable for you if it is too many shades of your natural shade.

People with naturally dark hair cannot and should not go to the light blondes. If they do, the overall look is unnatural and unflattering. The same goes for people with very light one aiming for stark black hair.

Skin tone

This is thee is king when it comes to choosing your perfect hair color. There are two ways skin tone will help determine your best hair tint. There are shades that set off certain complexions and wash out others. You will need to choose among colors that look better on your complexion.

The skin’s undertones also go a long way into determining what colors, from hair to makeup and everything in between look great on you. People with yellow or golden undertones are considered to have warm tone while those with blue and purple undertones have a cool tone. Now the colors that suit warm toned people differ greatly from those that will flatter a cool one. There is another group of people who fall between both skin tones and have a medium or neutral skin tone.

Did you know for example that a rich chocolate brown is the best hair for tan skin and these eyes but will do nothing for a fair skin tone and green eyes? You see? Skin tone does matter a lot too when looking for a hair to flatter your eyes.

Now that you know what to be looking for, join us as we explore some hair color ideas for green eyes.

Best hair color for green eyes

Shades of red are known to be the best for blue-green, and emerald green color of eyes. This is because red is a natural complement to green. Choosing from the red hair chart can be a great place to start looking for the best option with green eyes. Sheknows says a spicy auburn brown “is a definite winner for green-eyed ladies.”

They also recommend a strawberry red which is the perfect halfway point between blonde and red hair and an ooh so gorgeous hair shade. This is, however, going to be suitable if you are a green-eyed beauty with warm tones. Remember to lighten your dark eyebrows too if you choose this or another light shade to accentuate your eyes.

If you have a warm complexion, choose reds recommended for your type of coloring like those with an orange or golden base. If you have cool tone, go for cool reds which are those with purple and bluish bases.

Schwarzkopf says light reddish shades like a light copper are the best hair colors for spring types with warm light skin, eyes and perhaps freckles.

According to, The best one that complements serene green eyes are mostly the shades of brown, chocolate, burgundy and red.

Be sure to avoid hair colors with too much yellow in them as they do help in bringing out the green in your eyes.

with fair skin

Red hair shades are great. They are the best option for hazel green, they are the best for blue-green, they are the best for emerald green ones, and they are the best for any shade of green eye color you can think of.

For these eyes and fair skin, you want to go with the light reds. Light auburns, light coppers. Not only does your light tone allow you to carry the light colors, but they also really do make your fairness shine through. Accentuated skin and popping them is a win all the way! According to Allure, medium auburn is also a good color for these eyes and fair skin. A soft ginger too can also be a great choice.

You can also go with a strawberry blonde, and a golden blonde if you are not sold on the red hair thing and also have warm undertones. says “For green eyes with fair skin and cool undertones, you can choose a blonde, red, black and brown. Black will create a good contrast and allow your eyes to show; blonde with cool, light ash and platinum tones will make you outstanding while shades of red with hints of purple will help you show off your green eye color.”

Let us see what hair are best for those with this eye color and pale skin next.

With a pale skin

One of the colors that pale skinned beauties can pull off without too much effort is blonde.

Now don’t just pick any blonde as brassy and yellow blondes will not accentuate your beautiful green eyes. You will need to also choose your blonde according to your skin tone.

If you have pale skin, a light green color of your eye, and cool shades, you can explore light blonde, platinum blonde, and buttery or creamy blondes. Honey blonde with some white blonde highlights can also be a knockout look for pale skin and green eyes.

If your pale tone has warm undertones, then a golden blonde can help accentuate your dazzling eyes. According to an article on Huffington post, champagne blonde is the best blonde color of hair for pale skin. Quoted stylists in the huffing post say it is a perfect midway point between a cool blonde and a golden blonde. This would make it one of the best blonde for pale skin and these eyes. are pretty confident that a bright orange-red is “Probably the best hair color for pale skins. Sometimes, it is described as carroty. When you try it, you will notice that it will light up a pale face and make features such as eye color and your lip color stand out.”

When it comes to browns, choose those that appear medium or neutral as golden overtones may make your skin appear sallow. Mahogany is also a good dark shade for pale skin and these eyes.

Olive skin

True olives are cool skin toned. That doesn’t mean there aren’t people with an olive complexion and warm undertones because there are. An example is Jessica Alba. The hairstyler says “dark hair colors  suit olive skin tones best, regardless of whether your skin tone is cool or warm, so consider black, dark brown, medium brown, darker blonde hair shades and dark reds as potential hair colors for you.”
Brown is a great choice for olive skin tones. The warm olives should go with warmer browns like golden browns while the true olives should keep to brown blacks, espresso, and other cool brown shades. You can also go with the black hair.

Celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Lucy Hale have shown that brown hair colors are also for green eyes, so choose your best matching shade and rock it confidently. also recommends “Plum and burgundy highlights,” if you have olive skin and green eyes. Of course for the highlights, you will need to choose a dark base color like a rich cool brown.

Warm skin tones

If you have a warm skin tone and green eyes, then go for warm hair colors. One of the best hair colors for warm coloring and green eyes is auburn red. It could easily pass for the hair you were born with. Stella De Zotti, a professional hairdresser with an eponymous blog recommends deep rich browns like chocolate brown, auburns, rich golden browns, and golden blondes. Best blonde hair color for fair skin and green eyes

Cool tones

If you are cool skin toned and have these eye color, avoid hair tones with gold overtones in them. Any option with brass hints is also a no no, as it clashes with both your eyes and skin tone.Go for rich cool browns, and blue based reds like burgundy.

A glossy black can also flatter a cool skin tone and green eyes just as long as you do not have a very pale complexion. Light blondes will also look good with your coloring and eyes. Honey blonde is one of the best blonde hair shade for these eyes and a cool skin tone.


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