Red, Ombre, Blonde and Other Best Hair Color for Tan Skin

A tan such as the one that we are looking forward to getting in the summer is a great glorious thing. Except when it is clashing with your hair color, making you look drained, older and tired, and then it is not so great. You can avoid a situation where the tan is not a beautiful gift from the sun gods, (or spray salon, or bottle, we aren’t judging) by planning for a color job that will go with your skin tone.

Read on to know what good hair colors for tan skin are. Know which of those pretty colors will go best with it and eye color so you only end up with a perfect hair coloring job next summer or next tanning salon visit. (Again not judging how you get the sun-kissed glow.)

Best hair colors for tan skin

This skin tone is the result of exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun or artificial sources for a certain amount of time. You will notice your natural/ normal complexion change to a more brownish appearance. It can go away after some time if you do not further expose yourself/ or repeat the self-tanning process. But it may hang on for a little longer if you are constantly exposed to the sun.

Golden brown hair color will flatter your tan skin
Golden brown hair color will flatter your tan skin

Now it is important not to confuse a tanned skin with brown or dark skin. The latter two refer to a permanent skin tone that is pretty much constant regardless of the weather or climate the person is in and is determined by genetics.

A tan is not exactly a permanent skin tone and is not determined by genetics. People with warm coloring tend to get it better when they spend long periods in the sun. Light and warm complexions are the ones who often change or get it easily. According to the Fitz Patrick scale, some people will never tan in the sun, others will, but minimally while some others will always once exposed to the sun. Cream white complexion always tans, for instance, moderate brown skin tone to only a little extent while dark brown tans beautifully but black or darkest brown will however not show any tanning despite the amount of sun exposure.

If you fall into the category where your skin easily tans, or are planning to wear this look for a while, then you should plan for your hair color to make the most of it. Getting your hair colored without putting any thought into how your skin tone affects your overall look, is how people end up looking orange or sallow. Find the most flattering hair colors for tan skin.

1. Blonde

There is always beach blonde, but we know that it is not a one size fits all. Different hair colors will suit different people. Having a tan does not narrow it down.  There are individual skin tones to consider and age, hair length and personal style. So what other light color shades of hair options are there for you? According to haircolorforwomen, “Warm golden hair color tones, like a golden blonde or caramel blonde, can work well to complement a summer tan.” Strawberry blonde and honey blonde also qualify as perfect one too.

You will want to avoid ashy and platinum or white blondes. Those blondes which are perfect for cool coloring do nothing for a tan. Stick to the blonde that suits a warm skin tone if you want to look the best you possibly can with your tan.

It is wise that you entrust a professional colorist when you are considering dyeing your hair but more especially if you want black hair and you are looking at going from it or deep brown to a lighter shade. For the color of your choice to look natural, you need to stick to two or three shades deeper or lighter than your starting one. It may not be possible to go from black to a light blonde for example without ending up with a less than flattering look.

2. Ombre

Ombre is definitely an interesting way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to hair color. If you have a tan and want to try platinum blonde for instance but don’t want to commit to light hair exactly, you can go for a brown blonde that graduates to a light golden blonde.

With ombre, you can even try hair colors that we have declared as a risk when you have a tan. A good example is platinum and ash blondes in ombre looks with a base of a darker color. You can consider a subtle ombre composed of brown with just a hint of golden brown ends or a more dramatic contrast in the colors. “If you have a fair tan skin, you can also try to go black-mahogany ombre as well.” According to Besthaircolordye. The ombre style is definitely one of the best when it comes to hair colors for tanned skin.

3. Brown

Rich warm browns are some of the best hair colors for tan skin. From yourhaircolors we got this tip; “Think of rich colors both warm and cool. For example, dark auburn brown and warm mahogany can perfectly go with your complexion.” Feel free to experiment with chocolate and toffee browns. They look great on tan complexions.

Another good hair color idea for tanned skin is getting away from solid browns and adding highlights in your brown hair. Caramel highlights and blonde highlights on brown hair will lighten brown hair and bring out its golden tones. Sandy brown with blonde highlights and chestnut lowlights is also a great look on a light tan according to, you can dash over to for a look at a picture on girlterest of this sandy brown look on tan skin.

4. Red

“Tan skin tones often clash with red hair colors, regardless of the shade. Most shades of red look best against the fairer skin,” according to haircolorforwomen. It is not just them, it is often believed that red hair and a tan are not the most flattering combination. But there are a few red shades that beg to differ and allow you to break the rules. You may not manage a fiery red, but we promise you can find a red hair color to suit your tan skin.

A good place to look would be in the section of reds for warm coloring. To narrow the search, look at reds that would suit brown complexion with warm undertones. Dark coppers and chestnut good red hair color choices if you have tanned skin. According to, “Medium golden red is one of the best hair colors for tan skin” And while we are there, we also took this nugget. “If you are a natural brunette with medium skin or tan skin, some copper highlights can be the ultimate flattering hair color you are looking for.” Cinnamon is also a good way to color your hair.

For brown, blue, black, green and hazel eyes

Choosing a hair color that flatters your tan is good. Getting one that flatters your this skin and makes your eyes pop too is even better. Wondering which one looks good on your tan skin and your color eyes? Here are some of the best ideas for you.

1.  with brown eyes

A rich warm chocolate brown can be really flattering, both light and dark brown eyes we might add. Espresso and black hair too will let your skin to stand out and frame those eyes beautifully.  suggests dark brown, medium golden brown, beige golden highlights as good brown hair colors for when you have a tan. They also suggest a warm light blonde if you feel a light will be ok. A light brown with caramel highlights also looks great on tan skin women with these eyes.

2. With hazel eyes

Your hazel eyes and tan skin will look great with the warmer hair color but do not go too light. You want a contrast that will make your eyes stand out. Browns like a golden brown is a great choice for tan skin. According to Stylecaster “Hazel eyes can be made to shine by choosing the perfect shade that compliments their undertones.” Look at you iris to see what is the dominant color.

3. With green eyes

Red and green complement each other very well. It, therefore, makes sense that some of the hair dyes you could and should consider first if you have tan skin and green eyes are a shade of red. We suggest cinnamon, subtle copper and mahogany. If you are not too keen on solid colors, you can consider copper and cinnamon as highlights. You are also free to go brown as long as you avoid dull and mousy browns. Stick with rich browns like chestnut and chocolate.

4. With blue eyes

You can aim for the lighter colors like honey blonde and golden blondes especially if your natural hair is light, to begin with. A color with lots of light highlights, in caramel, can also be very flattering for blue eyes. Think warm brown base, honey and caramel highlights for example. This is bound to look amazing on the tan skin and these eyes.

5.  With black eyes

With light eyes, contrast with hair brings out the best in them. With dark or black eyes, the opposite is true. If you want a natural glow on your tan skin and make them pop, choose dye it black or espresso. Brown is always a winner with dark eyes too; just ensure it is the richest glossiest browns you choose.


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