Hair Colors for Brown Eyes & Olive, Fair or Pale Skin

Find out the best hair color for brown eyes. Learn how to choose good and pretty ones for this eye color every time.

Brown eyes may not be the rarest but they are beautiful god given accessories to show off. Changing the color of your hair can be one of the ways of highlighting their beauty. That depends on the what you choose though. The right hair color will give you them sparkle you did not know they had. The wrong one will not highlight the windows to your soul at all. This is why you need to know a thing or two about the hair colors that will favor them.

In his article, we will go through what always brings out the best in brown eyes. What are the best hair colors for different shades of this eye color? Also, what are best hair hues for them and different skin complexions? Read on to find out.

Best hair color for fair tanned skin and brown eyes
Best hair color for fair tanned skin and brown eyes

Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes

Whether you choose blonde or intend to go on the darker side, there are colors that will go with your skin tone and make your eyes pop. Let us look closer at good hair shades you can try.

1. Blonde

How blonde you can go depends on a lot of other things, like your skin undertones, your complexion, and your natural hair color. If it is dark for instance, you may not be able to go all the way platinum blonde without looking unnatural and also probably damaging it.

Your brown eyes should not be a stumbling block, however. You can pull off the lightest of blondes to frame your face and make them pop, a la ultimate brown-eyed, blonde hair, inspiration Gwen Stefani.

You can pull off a platinum if you have cool undertones, fair skin, eyes colored brown and naturally light hair. We might also mention if you are looking for a bold look as this look is not for wallflowers.

Honey blonde, golden blonde, and bronde are also cute hairs for brown eyes under the blonde category. You can also try ombre where you get to keep your dark roots and rock blonde shade on the edges. This look works best if you have long hair.

2. Red hair

Dyeing it red can be an interesting way of changing your look. There is a red for every skin tone and eye color combination you can think of. Some natural redheads have brown eyes too, so let your worry about it looking unnatural with your eyes.

Explore reds that work with your coloring without fear, your eyes will just fall in. Copper is a shade of red you can try that will look beautiful with your eyes. A brighter shade of copper will bring out light brown tint in them.

Allure says that copper highlights locks are how you do read in a flattering way. A look that brown eyed beauty Eva Longoria has mastered in this picture at allure.

According to Matrix. “Red mahogany hair color is a deep, cool, reddish brown color.  It’s a beautiful choice if you have fair or medium cool-toned skin and green, blue or brown eyes”. Burgundy and cherry red can also compliment too.

3. Brown Hair

This color does not have to be drab. The secret to pulling it off is to get that exact shade that favors your skin tone and draws attention to your beautiful eye color. Deep rich browns are some of the best hair colors for them.

According to Wikihow .com, “If you have brown or hazel eyes, darker shades of brown will look great on you. Try a chocolate or a rich espresso brown”. They s will also pop with chestnut, honey, golden, dark brown hair colors.

According to cool highlights on dark chocolate, hair can also be a great choice. “This is just the perfect shade of hair color if you are looking to lighten up your looks. Medium-skinned and also light skinned women can wear this, particularly if they have cool undertones.”

If have these eyes and cool coloring, black-brown and jet black can also suit you and contrast nicely with their color.

If dark brown eyes

This is the most common eye color. That doesn’t mean they are not beautiful. Framed with the right hair color and the right makeup, they can pop and look attractive.

Brunette shades are great for with this eye color. The browns look so natural alongside each other. You need to select brown dye or coloring according to your skin tone too though. For these eyes and warm skin tone, choose warm browns and if you have cool coloring and go for cooler ones or black. According to, if you want to flatter your them, “Lowlights may be a good pick than highlights, and this is particularly good for women of fair skin

With Olive skin

Jessica Alba is a good example of a beauty with olive skin and this eye color. She can be your inspiration when choosing hair colors for olive skin tone as she always looks gorgeous. One of the options she wears effortlessly is honey brown. She also wears caramel blonde very beautifully and her eyes are always the stars of the show. You can try it if you are a warm olive with brown eyes.

According to style caster, “A rich, true brown hair tone, chocolate brown works for medium and olive skin tones, as well as for those with hazel or brown eyes.” They also recommend a rich golden brown for your olive skin tone. We think this shade will also make your pop. Espresso is also a good one for olive skin tone and these eyes

With pale skin

A pale skin is no longer something to hide under a fake tan.  Celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock have shown us that you can proudly show off your porcelain complexion and look amazing while doing it. Both beauties also happen to have these eyes so you are in good company if you have them and pale skin. It is important to get a hair shade that brings out the best of your porcelain complexion and your beautiful eyes.

Browns really set off this eye color. Now you will need to choose warm browns if you have a warm skin tone and cool ones if you have cooler coloring for the best natural looking result. Do fight the temptation to go for contrast with really dark tresses. Black looks too stark against the pale tone which is not what you are going for.

A rich chocolate-hued brown can be perfect for pale skin and this eyes.  According to style craze “If your brown eyes have a specific golden tint, then you are quite lucky. You can choose from a variety of options and can easily get away with cool colors. The best look might be a medium brown with lighter highlights. Thumbs up for blond and reddish highlights. You must avoid intense shades such as platinum, white or black. ”

With fair skin

Fair skin looks great with shades of red hair and we suggest you make the most of this. We already established that red also complements brown eyes above. Copper red is one of the best colors for fair skin and these eyes. Cinnamon is also another one of the best options for light skin and these eye color.

You will look better with lighter hues of brown than dark ones and your pale hue can work very well with lighter hair colors like strawberry blonde. Ginger is also an option you can go with because when you combine with the fair skin and this eye color, you pass for a natural redhead. If you have fair skin and super light brown eyes, then you will need to ensure you get the hair that compliments them. According to vixendaily, that would be one of the following; light, icy blonde, platinum blonde, ashy blonde and ashy brown.

If warm skin tones

You see all those colors with orange, yellow and golden bases and almost always labeled warm or golden on the box? Well, those were made for you with a warm skin tone and these eyes. You probably also have tan or olive skin. Hair colors to go for if you have a tan skin should suit you and bring out your eyes. Think beachy golden blondes for instance if you want to go light and have long hair. Also if you are looking for blonde ideas for blondes with brown eyes.

The golden browns, blondes will look amazing on you still. If you go for this color, go for those with warm overtones and avoid anything with a violet base. Vixendaily suggests “rich auburns, copper and caramel tones warm beige blondes, honey blonde rich golden browns” as hair colors for warm skin tones and brown eyes.

If medium skin

If you have a medium skin tone, then you have an advantage when it comes to choosing the best hair colors for you. You can explore the hair color spectrum on both the warm and cool sides and come out with a great result. Just watch to not get too excited and go extreme like solid platinum blonde or jet black. Play in the milder versions. Browns of all shades will be great for both your skin tone and for making your brown eyes shine.

If you are unable to decide, you can go to a specialist or try to see how your look-alike celebrity goes about. This is the easiest way because some of the celebrities have access to some of the best fashion stylists who always ensure they look great.


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