Best Hair Colors for Pale Skin & Green, Hazel, Blue Eyes

This discussion on hair colors for pale skin will help you in deciding which one will flatter your pale skin. You will also have a chance to know an ideal hair color if you have blue, hazel, green or brown eyes.

We live in a world where we are expected to have a summer glow or sun-kissed complexion even in the middle of winter. Pale simply doesn’t get much love. Not even from the naturally pale skinned. It is tan, bronzed complexion that we have decided is beautiful, healthy, the height of glamour.

As notes while look at Abigail Breslin hair color, it is noted that if you have a cool fair skin tone, you will look. “Abigail Breslin looks fantastic in this dark red-brown color because it harmonizes with her pink-based skin tone”.

Best hair colors for pale skin
Best hair colors for pale skin

Some of us though are perfectly fine wearing our pale and will not give it up for all the money in the world. What we need is help in working our it. How to bring out the best features from the pastiness our faces firmly clings to.

Naturally, the question on hair color is an important one. If for no other reason, in this age of selfies, your hair is about 80 percent of your selfies. You want to make wise choices.

On a serious note though, there is nothing wrong with wanting to change up your natural hair color. The one you choose will either bring out your naturally pale complexion or send other pale skinned people scampering for that spray tan. Put simply, it will light up under specific hair colors or pale further with others.

The article will lead you through the intricacies of hitting a home run every time you dye your hair. We have tips on colors that just give life to your skin that is pale, those not to come close to, and some advice on how your blue, green, hazel, brown or grey eyes fit into the picture when selecting a hair color.

Best hair color for pale skin

On matters hair color, where nature doesn’t offer any definite or even helpful leads. Individuals with a skin that is pale have a variety of natural colors, from blonde to brown. It is therefore not as simple as to zeroing on a particular shade and saying this is the best because nature tends to supply it to pale skinned people.

What we can claim to know is based on that has been tested and tried by and on other people with pale skin. It is difficult to say a particular color will work for all people who are pale skinned looking to dye their hair. But there are colors that seem to work well more than others. Find out which ones and other helpful suggestions below.

1. Blonde

The popular belief is that people who are pale who nature did not make blonde from the get-go should stay away from blonde hair colors. Why? Because it tends to make a pale skin look even paler, or washed out. To some degree, this could be true, but not of all shades of blonde.

It may need a longer consultation with an expert, (no DIY is not wise here), but it is possible for you to find out if blondes do really have more fun as they say.

You do not need to gamble. The best way to tell which shades of blonde will work for you is to first check your skin undertones. You may have heard of warm and cool undertones before in regard to clothes to choose, lip colors and such. Well, it is supposed to help one get what best compliments them. Here is a simple way of determining its color suggested by thehairstyler.

“Those with a cool skin tone will look great in silver jewelry and should have blue-tinged veins (check the inside of your wrists in natural light).

If gold jewelry matches you best, and your veins look green, then you have a warm skin tone.”

Cool tones will work well with the light blondes like platinum and sandy blonde.

“Golden strands and rich honey hues complement warmer skin tones,” according to Vogue Australia.  Honey, copper and caramel locks are also great for framing a warm toned pale kind of skin.

According to “The palest of blondes has hints of ash or a whitish tint with pale green and blue undertones, and suits ladies with pale skin tones particularly well.”

2. Brown

The beauty bible actually says that pale skin is perfect for any hair color. You can choose whatever you like – red, dark, pale – as your skin has no pink in it. We are not about to argue with the, and you shouldn’t too. In fact, we just paused a little to appreciate this fact. Still, certain hues will give you better results than others.

You already know the undertone drill. Once again it comes into play. Rust and mahogany suit warm toned one while fawn and coffee come off well against a cooler tone.

3. Red

This tip from may be all need to know regarding red hair color for skin that is on the paler side. “Porcelain skin looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with dark brown, reds, and even black.”

That said, rust and ginger, however, seem to work better with a warmer tone that on a cooler tone. This should not worry if you are cool toned though. There are all these other shades of red hair colors to choose from.

With blue eyes

Skin tone is everything when choosing the color of your hair. But knowing what works best for you eye color too can make a good hair color choice look even more fantastic. The right one will bring out your eyes out more.

If you have a skin that is pale and blue eyes, you can pull off blonde effortlessly since those features (pale skin blue eyes) are common with natural blondes. We can say blonde is an ideal one for blue eyes and this skin complexion.

However, not all blonde colors will work for you. According to avoid “Avoid ashen tones including ash blonde hair”

Thehairstyler shares this helpful rule, “If you have light skin and a light eye color stick to blonde hair colors that are light. If you have light skin and a medium eye color choose blonde hair colors that are light or medium in depth.”

This means that with and blue eyes, you can try that platinum blonde unless your natural hair color has a golden tinge in which case, you may get a better result as a strawberry blonde or a blonde hue in that line.

There are no rules against pale skinned women with blue eyes trying darker colors. But go easy on it. “While this can look good and striking against a fairer skin tone, your eyebrows and eyelashes may betray you since they are likely to be lighter than your hair. If you want to wear darker shades, then you will need to change eyebrow color (and eyelash color too).”

Style caster says “Blue eyes pop with copper tones placed around the face.” So do not be afraid to explore that option.

You can also work red shades, especially if you happen to have freckles to go with your pale skin and blue eyes. We already established red is one of the best color of hair for white skin.

Ideas when with green, hazel eyes.

These are not very common eye colors. If you have them then you need a hair coloring to plays that their uniqueness.  This gem from should be a great place to start. “For green eyes with fair skin and cool undertones, you can choose the blonde, red, black and brown. Black will create a good contrast and allow your eyes to show; blonde with cool, light ash and platinum tones will make you outstanding while shades of red with hints of purple will help you show off your green eye color.”

According to, red is a great choice for green eyes.  Red highlights or vibrant shades of red like caramel and honey. They also say “avoid auburn red hair shades,” if have green eyes.

Some experts think that fair skin and green eyes can pull off a lot more hair colors than other complexion and eye color combination. You can take this as a license to go crazy, experiment as it is not likely to go wrong, that is except with the auburn and golden shades. Blonde colors, especially lighter shades will make your eyes stand out, while reds and browns complement beautifully with the green in your eyes.

With brown eyes

To get the best color of hair to bring out brown eyes on pale skin, we have to refer back to skin tones. Its undertone is still king here. The cooler tone, the darker sharper you can go in your hair color. This means pale skinned beauties whose tone is cool will find that black, fawn, mahogany dye suits them well.

If your skin that is pale is more on the warmer side, ginger, rust, gold and red hair dye will do wonders for you.

Mahogany has to be a good pale skin hair color as it tends to look great across the two tones.


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