Best Glow in the Dark Hair Dye, Gel or Color

Do Glow in the dark hair dye, gel or color exist? Get Info on what they are, some of the best brand including Iglow, Splat, Semi-Permanent UV Hair Color Rinse,  and much more.

Glow in the dark hair dye, gels or color refers to a type that glows or creates a glowing effect when someone is in darkness or under certain lighting conditions (especially UV light) in places such as disco, raves, outdoor concert, nightclubs, etc.

They contain light-sensitive ingredients such as fluorescence powder, glow powder, etc.

Glow in the dark hair dye looks
Glow in the dark hair dye looks

Most of them will give your hair bold and bright appearance certain under lighting and it will glow when you are under the dark or UV light. Some will, however, light up even in total darkness.

There are different types and brands to go for. For instance, you will find a type that has black light sensitive ingredients that make it glow while you are under black light.

Is there permanent brand?

Having known want they are, you definitely are curious to know if there are permanent brands.  Most of them are temporary or washable types.

One of the semi-permanent brands is the UV Hair Color Rinse. It is free of peroxide or ammonia and it will give you great looks. You could go for UV green, Pink, Red, and Turquoise.

Alternatively, you could try the Manic Panic Pink Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream if you want something semi-permanent.

Best or top brands to buy

If you are looking for the best glow in the dark hair dye, you need to know that there are not many brands available in the market since this is a unique kind. Some of the common ones include the following:

  • Manic Panic Pink Semi-Permanent – cream
  • Splat Glows in the dark temporary hair color
  • Iglow – Temporary
  • UV Color Rinse
  • Phoenix neon 

The above are some of the best brands we could come across. In case you know any other, do not hesitate to let us know. Let us look at a few of the above in details:

Iglow temporary glow in the dark hair gel

This is one of the glowing hair dyes, you can go for that come in various colors that include Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink.

Unlike other brands, it does not need any source of light and it will light up once you are in a dark room. It will, therefore, light up irrespective of the light color since it emits light and does not need UV light to be able to glow.

This hair dye is ideal for festivals, concerts, nightclubs, Halloween, parades, etc and it utilizes a self-illuminating technology that ensures it lights up when you are in darkness or under a certain lighting condition.

Since it is not a permanent one, you can easily wash it out using shampoo and warm water. Furthermore, it is suitable for people of all hair type and hair colors.


Splat is another common temporary brand temporary glowing hair dye. It is a great product, something you should give a try. If you have never tried splat glow in the darkness, it comes in various colors, which include

  • Cosmic Pink DEVELOPERS and Washes Out
  • Galactic Green – Washes Out
  • Atomic Blue Halloween Decor
  • VIOLET RAYS Washes Out

The above splat brands are suitable for clubbing and partying events. When you are through with your event, you can easily wash them off using shampoo and warm water since they are temporary and washable hair dyes too.

Can you make your own at home?

Other than depending on the brands such as Iglow or Splat, you could decide to make your own if you have the ingredients to make it light up.

Any glow powder, fluorescent powder, and fluro ink are popularly used while people are making hair dyes at home to make them light up. However, you need to be certain that any ingredients you use are not toxic or harmful to your scalp and hair or can cause an allergic reaction to your hair.