Best Green Hair Dye: Dark, Neon, Mint, Lime or Splat

Green hair dye is truly a great looking one.  Get insight on the best brands, how to use them and something small on permanent and temporary brands. You will also get info on dark, neon, mint, bright, lime, forest, seafoam green hair dye colors and a lot more.


This is one of the most popular types of dyes you will commonly notice in cyber lifestyle, emos, and kids. They are part of the fashion trends that are quickly gaining popularity and they are associated with the environment around us.

You can go for extreme green if you want bold looks while natural green will give you subtler. Some trends such as grunge use washed out lighter shade and dip dying technique without covering all your hair.

Green hair dye ideas
Green hair dye ideas

If you love it, you would decide to go for vibrant color such as those of Stargazer Semi Permanent UV. Furthermore, going for extreme one can have an impact on your hair and make it eye-catching. Before we go into further details, we should begin by looking some of the best brands of these dyes you can purchase and use.

Best green hair dye – top brands

If you want the best result when using them, you need to ensure you go for nothing less than the very best brands. We reviewed a number of these dyes, saw what most users were saying and how they had rated them before coming with the below list. So, what are some of the best ones?

  • La Richie – (Alpine and Apple)
  • Stargazer –  (Tropical, Ultra Violet, African)
  • Manic Panic Classic and Amplified (Enchanted Forest, Electric Lizard, Envy and Venus Envy)
  • Color Crazy Pine and Emerald
  • Special Effects SFX – Sonic
  • Splat Neon Green – Kit
  • Directions Spring Green Lime Semi-Permanent – Punk Gothic Rock Cyber
  • Permanent – Punk Goth Emo SILVER GREEN BLUE PURPLE High Definition
  • Directions Semi-Permanent Bright Turquoise Blue Green – Punk Goth
  • Hair COLOR Permanent Hair Cream Dye Spring Green M24
  • Berina – Cream A31 BLONDE GRAY GREEN

You will get more top brands afterward, as we will be discussing some various color shades. However, ensure you have considered the specific color shades the above comein . Whether you want Alpine, Seafoam or Sonic green, ensure the color appeals you.


Stargazer has quite a number of best brands including gels, which you could go for. Some of their stunning ones include the following:

  • Stargazer Tropical – Semi-Permanent
  • Stargazer Semi Permanent UV – African
  • Stargazer Semi Permanent UV – Green
  • Stargazer – UV Hair Gel

La Richie  – Top and best brands

What does La Richie have? You definitely are going to like their Alpine and Apple Green. Here is what they have:

  • La Richie Directions – Alpine
  • La Richie Directions – Apple
  • La Richie Spring

Manic Panic

If you are looking for the best brands from Manic Panic, you will get various brands that will include the following brands:

  • Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent -Enchanted Forest
  • Manic Panic Amplified Semi-Permanent – Electric Lizard
  • Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent – Electric Lizard
  • Manic Panic Dye Hard Colour Styling Gel -Electric Lizard
  • Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent  Envy
  • Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent  Venus Envy

Ensure you check which of these shades will look great on you since their shades slightly vary.

Shades and colors

We have discussed some of the best brands to purchase; it is time to consider types and shades you can go for. In each, whenever possible, we will go ahead and give you some of the best brands to buy too. Generally expect to get shades that range from electric colors, dark, light, bright, mint, blue, forest, etc.


If you want this one, you have to go for Directions Alpine. It works well for almost all types of hairs and one of the best brands you should use if you do not want to bleach it. You can also use any of the forest or dark green shades from Manic Panic such as Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent -Enchanted Forest.


If you would like to try it, you should try Splat Rebellious Colors Neon Green Complete Kit or Spring Green Directions. They will help you get fabulous looks. You could also try Edge Blendable Hair Chalk – Neon

Seafoam green looks

This look is one of the popular trends. it, which will make you look hilarious. Unfortunately, there are no brands in this color, and you have to play around with other colors to get this lovely color.

To get it, bleach your hair or lighten it, use a toner to cancel yellow color after bleaching. Afterwards, go for light green especially turquoise brands such as Directions Turquoise or Crazy Color Emerald and dilute the color with a lot of your conditioner to make it lighter.

Lime green

If you would wish to get it, you should consider going for Special Effects Limelight, which is a bright.  You also find the Goldwell Elumen High-Performance Haircolor and Kool-Aid (good for kids) will be very helpful.  There was a good brand from i.e. the from Crazy Color Hair Dye but it was discontinued.

Mint green

This is a sought one by many people. Although there might not be many brands in this color, except for Mint Green Hair Chalk, Dip Dye, and other few brands. However, you can still achieve this color. For instance, if you add Manic Panic Electric Lizard to a lot of conditioners, you will be able to get it.

In addition, the Special Effects’ Fishbowl and Special Effects Sonic Green will similarly work well when diluted with a conditioner.


To get this looks, you can either go for brands such as Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise Blue-Green or buy green and blue and mix them while using them. Since there are two common colors, you cannot fail to get this looks.

Forest green

If you admire this color, you need to try some of the top brands such as Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye -Enchanted Forest, Fantasy Professional Permanent Forrest Green Cream Kit or Adore Creative Image Hair Color #111 Forest.

Bright Green

Neon green is one of the good options for people who want to get bright looks. Spring Directions is a good choice you should consider. You could also go for Special Effects Limelight because it is bright too.

Permanent and temporary

If you are using permanent brands, it is very difficult to get the exact shade you want to have. Permanent ones last longest but they are the most difficult in achieving the exact shade you want, especially if you want permanent unnatural color. Semi or Demi-permanent dyes will be better since they can easily be redone.

However, if you would like to have something that can be removed at the end of the day or after a few days, you need to go for temporary green hair dyes. There are many temporary, especially hairsprays that will work very well. Some of the common ones include:

  • Temporary Spray
  • Pravana Vivid hair dye
  • Temporary Green Hairspray Costume Hair Color from Windy City

How to them

If you would like to try them, you need to follow the dyeing instructions that each of the brands you have purchased comes with. Generally, it is harder to get the extreme and vibrant colors. Be patient or seek professional help. Extreme colors will only be obtained if you are able to bleach your hair to pure white and then dye it. See more details on hair bleaching.


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