Best Washable Hair Dye or Color For Kids, Splat and Use

Are you looking for washable hair dyes or colors? This article will give you the meaning, best brands, insight on splat and mention something small on how to make washable dyes at home.


Washable hair dye or color refers to a temporary hair color, which can be applied and removed afterward without having to re-dye it i.e. you will get your initial color back.  As the name suggests, you need only to wash them with your shampoo and warm water and they will easily come out.

In terms of usage, they are suitable for children or kids who want to have their colored hair and removed after a short period (from a day to a couple of days). For such sceneries, going for permanent hair dyes will not be the best of choices.

Best washable brands

If you are looking for the best brands, you need to go for the washable markers or Splat Washables among other types. Some of the temporary ones will also serve you well since they can also be washed off easily. So what are some of the best ones you can go for in the market?

  • 125ml Temporary – Colour Spray
  • Crayola
  • Splat – Hot 4 Pink, Totally Red, Purple Swag, Electric Blue
  • 6 Color Non-toxic Temporary Hair Chalk stick Dye Soft Pastels Kit – DIY

From the above list, you need to know that we did not mention most of the temporary brands since we have separately covered them separately. See more for temporary hair dye and colors for more insight that includes what they are, how to use them, best brands, etc.

For kids

As mentioned already, going for washable hair dye for kids is a good way of ensuring they get any colors, they so wish. Your kids will be able to color their hair and in case they want to get rid of the color, they will simply use shampoos and warm water.

Furthermore, they are less harmful to your kids and they will not stain their skins, affect their scalps that might be less tolerate, strain it, etc.

Of course, they are a great way to let your children enjoy their birthdays, special occasions such as Halloween, Memorial Day etc in a hair color of their choice.

Splat washables – Use and benefits

If you are particularly looking for a good washable brand, splat has a wide range of colors you can go for. They are easy to use and like the others, they are temporary.

Furthermore, splat brands do not come in gel formulas and have built-in hair conditioners to ensure your hair does not dry and make to restyling and combing very easy. So what are the main colors that they come in?

  • Electric Blue
  • purple Swag
  • S Totally Red
  • Hot 4 Pink Purple Swag

How to use splat

To use it, you need to comb it in using small globules, as big ones might not ensure it is evenly distributed (it comes with a mascara like wands). However, your hair needs to be completely dry before you begin applying it. When you are done, the dye will dry after a few minutes. Afterward, you will need to smooth it by brushing it.

Finally, you need to finish off using your hairspray to ensure it is not rubbed off. However, you should not use it before! Of course, you will get directions and instructions on how to apply splat the moment you purchase one.


This brand is particularly very important since you will easily get rid of it just with to shampoo and water.  Furthermore, you will not need to re-dye it as in the case of using permanent brands.

Some of the other cons or benefits of splat washable hair dye include:

  • They do not stain the skin.
  • They cause no or minimal damage to your hair since they have very few chemicals.
  • They are easy to remove – with a few washes they come out completely.
  • You do not need to bleach your hair as in the case of other permanent brands.
  • It will not migrate to your pillow if you decide to have it for a couple of days.

How to make them at home?

There are ways of making these hair colors at home, which include using your face paint, some food colorings (with a color fastener), etc. Kool-Aid Powder and hair mousse, etc. We are not going to the details on how to make them.

Most of the ways on how to make them are much similar to those for making temporary hair colors and dyes.