Can Hair Dye Kill Lice?

Dyes are known as chemical substances that are applied to a natural color of something (hair, clothing, paint, objects, furniture, and fabrics) in order to change its hue. 

Even though there are thousands of dyes made with natural ingredients in the world, most people use these products with chemicals. 

Nowadays, it is fashionable among youth and modern adults to dye their hair in colors, either one or several shades at the same time. 

Artists are the ones who apply the most colored tints to their lives. They do this more than anything else to impose a fashion or have a fantastic look with which they can give their followers something to talk about. 

But many people wonder if only this product dyes hair a color. The answer is no. It can have a second and even a third function in people’s hair. 

Can Hair Dye Kill Lice? 

Hair dyes have been considered as fixed treatments to eliminate head lice. 

When an individual suffers from a lice infestation in their hair, they go directly to dye their hair or bleach it to combat these insects. 

There have been no truthful studies that dyes can kill lice, but there are many cases where this has worked. 

The tincture can kill lice, but not completely. It is capable of getting rid of many of them but only decreases the appearance time of others. 

But not just any tint, it has to be a permanent tint. Semi-permanent products do not cause the same effect. On the other hand, permanent ones have potent substances that can eliminate lice. 

The answer to how you remove them is simple. The dyes are made of a substance called ammonia that is very strong. They release an intense aroma that causes the death of many lice. They are also made of hydrogen peroxide, but it does not remove them. 

Despite not having a proclaimed theory about whether this is true or not, we can say that it works but does not prevent the spread of lice. One certain thing is that the dye does not kill nits (lice eggs). 

The nits are protected in a shell that prevents the dye substances from entering it and eliminating it. Even lice treatments cannot penetrate the protection of eggs containing nits. So the only way to combat them is when they are born. 

If you want to remove them continuously, you can dye your hair every week. It will surely kill many lice and even nits on some occasions. 

But the latter is not highly recommended, mainly if applied to children. The chemicals in the dyes can irritate and damage a person’s scalp. In addition, the use of these products will induce extreme hair loss. 

Children are the main carriers of lice, but you should consider not applying dyes on them.  

Dermatologists and specialists comment that the dye is one of the products with the highest chemical substances. 

A child’s skin is susceptible to the effects of the dye. That is why care must be taken when applying these contents to the child’s hair. It is even better to take it to a professional and to prescribe a safer and more effective treatment.