Hair Loss from Thyroid, Estrogen Hormones & Treatments

Though many people consider it a myth, there is actually a connection between hormones and hair loss. Generally, hormones affect many things in our lives; especially, on how we feel and look like. This is due to the fact that they have a big influence on the functions of our body cells. This problem is no exception.

Human beings should shed off up to 100 strands of hair daily and this is considered normal and acceptable. However, if you shed more than 100 in a day, you need to start being concerned as this is not a normal cycle of its growth. You might be suffering from hormonal imbalances.

Demographically, hair loss is a problem that affects around 10% of the female population and 60% of the male population. So as to have a better understating on how we can deal with it, we need to look at the some of the hormonal causes it.

There are quite a number of hormones which have been found to cause this problem. Some of these hormones include the following:


People who have either underactive or overactive thyroid are going to suffer hair loss. One good thing is that when thyroid hormone levels come to normal balance; you will not only stop losing your hair but also regain your lost one i.e it will begin regrowing.


These is a female sex hormone, commonly associated with the menstrual flow. Whenever the level of this hormone goes high, women grow healthy hair and when it goes down, they will shade off some off.

This explains why pregnant women have good hair. During this time, the hormone is high. However, on delivering, it goes down, and they start shedding some off. After four or so months, they will start regaining it again.


This is a male sex hormone which when combined with a substance known as 5-alpharedutace, it forms DHT otherwise known as dihydrotestosterone. This compound causes balding in men and at times women.  DHT hair loss is permanent and it cannot be reversed.

Hair loss solution or treatments

No one wants to lose hair. This is not only very frustrating but it can also affect your self-esteem and image.

In the market today, there are quite a number of products that could help you reduce the loss. Some of the products which have been known to help reduce which is as a result if hormonal imbalance includes Inhairit which inhibits DHT formation, some herbal alternatives, quality care practices and having good diets.

However, all these methods have not reported a high level of efficiency and their effectiveness has not been measured and documented adequately.

You can ultimately reverse the problem by going for hair graft or transplantation. This is a cosmetic surgical process which will help you restore it and no one is going to detect it. So many people have successively undergone this surgery. It is the only sure way of restoring hair that has already been lost.

For people who began suffering from boldness at very young ages, it is a solution that is going to ensure you look smart and you do not suffer from a complication of baldness. Baldness or lack of hair on your skin exposes you to several risks, the worst ones being increase chances of skin cancer and actinic skin damages.