Ear Hair Removal by Waxing, Permanent and Longest One

Do you have ear hair and you want to know how you can get rid of it? Get the best insight on the hair on your ears including the longest, purpose as well as removal techniques including laser, waxing, trimming, and plucking. You will also discover some of the best ear and nose hair trimmers.


It refers “to the terminal hair arising from follicles inside the external auditory meatus in human” [en.wikipedia.org]. It is also commonly referred to as canal or inner ear hair and it grows on follicles or cells located on the surface of your canal.

In a wider sense, these hairs can include those found surface of your pinna (outer ear ) or vellus hair which are found on your entire body except for your lips, back of the ear, on hand palms, on foot sole, parts of external genital, on scar tissues, or around the navel.

Ear hair removal - waxing
Ear hair removal – waxing

Just like nose hair, they tend to increase as someone grows older where you will see some them protruding from someone’s ears because follicles become more active with actual cause unknown. Increase in sensitivity to testosterone is often explained as one of the possible cause.

However, if you have excess growth it could be due to a medical condition is known as auricular hypertrichosis.

Furthermore, it has been noted that the “male population of India, have coarse hair growth along the lower portion of the helix, a condition referred to as “having hairy pinnae” [en.wikipedia.org].


There is no sufficient scientific evidence for the purpose its. Protecting ear from loud noise and foreign object being is often mentioned but why in men mainly and not women?  On the contrary, it has associated with some problems such as folliculitis (causing localized otitis externa), tinnitus (if it touches eardrums) and if excessive can cause partial deafness.

Does it occur in babies?

It is not just adults (mainly men who have hairy ears. Newborn babies do too. Immediately after birth, most children tend to have “fine, downy hair across your baby’s shoulders, down their backs and on the tops of their arms [birth.com.au]” as well as on their ears. It will disappear after-4-6 weeks after birth.  There is nothing wrong about it.

Who has longest ear hair in the world?

If you wonder how long it can be, here is Radhakant Baijpai, a 64 years (in 2015), the man who holds the record of having the world’s longest ear hair which was about 25cm in 2009 and still growing but not yet 2ft as many rumors online claim. He was recognized by the Guinness World Records in 2003 when it was about 13.2cm long.

Even though his wife has pressurized him to trim it, Mr. Radhakant Baijpai has declined to do so i.e. the “Indian grocer Radhakant Baijpai has no intention of trimming it, no matter what his wife says” [dailymail.co.uk]. He has been growing it since he was 18 years old.

Removal or how to get rid of hair on your ears

Having hair protruding from your ear or nose is unsightly and it does make you look unkempt and less desirable.  Therefore, if you are among the people who have the problem of long hairs on your ears, let us now look at ways on how to how to get rid them.

Take note that whichever method you opt for, be very careful and have the right tools since ear canal skin is very sensitive and the nearby eardrum can be raptured with a small touch. So what are some of to get rid of ear hair?

1. Trimming or shaving

The most common way to get rid of hairs on and in your ears is to trim them. This is an inexpensive way but it will require you to trim them often. Due to the ear structure, do not use your normal beard or hair clipper, scissors or razor since it can be risky and cumbersome. Instead, go for specialized ear and nose trimmers.

Once you have the right trimmer, you need to carefully read instructions on how to trim or use it. Different brands tend to have different usage instructions as well as modes of operation. Also, ensure you have a big mirror for a better view. We will cover more on some of the best trimmers later.

2. Waxing

If you opt for waxing, ensure you only wax on your outer surface i.e. the pinna using kits with pre-made wax strips to avoid molten hot wax from any getting into your canal. Alternatively, block your canal with a cotton ball before you begin to wax the hair on your pinna. This will allow you to use your hair removal wax and a strip of cloth.

Results last for between 4-6 weeks since it is removed from its follicle. If you opt to go to an expert, you will spend between $10 to $70 depending on a number of factors such as location, the status of the salon, etc.

For perfect results avoid using the gooey, sticky waxes based on honey. Instead, go for the newer types of wax that only stick to our hair, not skin such as soy and cream lotion waxes.

Note: Removing it by sugaring works more or less as waxing in terms of their working principle. Just that it uses sugar as wax.

3. Plucking or tweezing

This involves tweezing or plucking it. Results will last for 4-6 weeks.  Be very careful when you pluck it and avoid plucking the one inside your canal since it can easily lead to lesions, inflammation or ear canal infection. Also, get a good quality tweezers.

4. Cream

If you intend to use hair removal creams, ensure they are used only on the outer ear surface only. A cotton ball can be used to prevent them from getting into your inner ear since them go to your inner ear can cause infections.

There are many depilatory products (creams and gels) in the market that can be used by men and women. Some of the common creams to give a try include Avon Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream for Face, Veet Hair Removal Creams, Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream, among many others

5. Electrolysis and costing

This is an FDA approved and works for all skin and hair colors. It employs electric current to destroy individual hair roots. Electrolysis costs are about $25 to $150 per hour. The duration will take will depend on the amount or density.

To permanently remove it, you might require a number of sessions and the procedure can only be done by a certified expert. Furthermore, different types of electrolysis process exist.

6. Laser removal and cost

This removal method employs “beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigment in the follicles absorbs the light. That destroys the hair” [webmd.com]. Hair thinning and permanent results can be achieved after several treatments i.e. most men require about 5 to 7  treatments.

Once you decide to use laser, go to an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologists for advice and removal. The procedure is precise, can be used for different skin types and results can be permanent after undergoing the advised number of sessions.

The average cost will range from $50 to about $100 per session. Of course, you expect costs in London UK, Mississauga, Dallas, Atlanta or Manila Singapore to be different.

7. Burning or singeing

Singeing is a hair removal technique that has existed for several centuries and it involves burning it off with fire. It will, therefore, involves the use of a candle or a “thin piece of wood, with an ember on the end [hairfinder.com] to burn your hair preferably while still wet. Even with the availability of many modern hair removal techniques, singeing is common in Asia, Europe and Asia.

Permanent removal

To permanently remove hair from your ears, you need to decide whether you want to go for laser or electrolysis. These are the only two ways that will get rid of it permanently with very predictable results. Each has its own pros and cons.

Note that these two cannot be done at home unless you invite an expert and you have this equipment, something unlikely and unnecessary.

Some sources claim that repeated waxing can be a way to permanently remove hair. We cannot confirm it since there is no scientific backing behind the reasoning.

Best ways

Since we have mentioned a number of ways. You must be wondering which among them the best.  We will recommend buying a good clipper or trimmer and be using it. If you prefer permanent results, laser and electrolysis should be what to consider.

Waxing and plucking are a little painful and they will only be good if used on outer ear just as is the case of creams, gels and lotions for hair removal.

Removal at home

If you want to do it at home, trimming, waxing, plucking and burning seems to be the way to go. Laser and electrolysis will need specialized equipment and an expert’s help. There are a number of remedies that can also help bleach or remove it but I cannot recommend them for the hair on your ear.

Nose and ear hair trimmers

You have covered a lot about hair on ears and how to remove it. We already said that trimming is one of the best and easiest option for any man who has this problem. Just buy a good ear trimmer and learn how to use it because these trimmers are designed to be used in ears and nose with minimal chances of injuries.

When buying one, remember there are different types of ear and nose hair trimmers. For instance, some trimmers are electric and coded (i.e. use electricity directly), others use rechargeable batteries (codeless) while some might be using non-rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, some trimmers might come with some extra accessories such as lightened mirrors or a source of light for better vision.

Best nose and ear trimmer (No Reviews)

If you are a newbie, some of the best nose and ear trimmer we can recommend include the following:

  • Philips Norelco Precision Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer (NT9110, NT9105, NT9110/60, etc.)
  • Remington Nose, Ear, and Brow Trimmers
  • Conair Deluxe Lighted Trimmer
  • Groom Mate Platinum XL Trimmer
  • Panasonic ER421KC Nose, Ear and Facial
  • Micro Touch Magic Max – Hair Groomer from As Seen On TV
  • MANGROOMER Essential Trimmer
  • WAHL Ear Nose and Brow Dual Head Trimmers

Unfortunately, we do not have any ear or nose hair trimmer reviews or we did not rate them. Therefore, before going for any of the above nose and ear trimmer, it is your work to ensure you do as much research as possible and read as many reviews as possible to see what users are saying about each of the trimmers.

Where can you get nosed and ear trimmers?

You will get most of these trimmers on leading online and local stores including at Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Amazon.com, CVS, Tesco, Argo, Boots, eBay, Best Buys, Bed Bath & Beyond, among other stores.  To get a great deal, check on various stores prices and offers as some offer free shipping for purchases.

Is removal for men necessary

Ear and nose hair is a problem predominantly affecting men.  Some men choose to ignore it, while others trim or remove them. The fact is that it looks unsightly and can be a sign that age is creeping on you, something no one wants. Furthermore, your mate will not enjoy seeing you with hairs on your ears or nose! Always trim or remove them permanently.

For removal, any of the above methods can be used on the outer and inner part (ear canal). Do not be a man who is shy or has reservations about procedures such as waxing or plucking since they can also be helpful. For permanent removal for men laser and electrolysis is the way to go

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