Which Are the Best Female Facial Hair Removal Ways

Female facial hair is usually because of a condition is known as hirsutism. Most women have hair over their body and face but it is always fine and light in color.

However, if it happens to be thick, coarse and dark it can be embarrassing, and you may wish to find a way of removing it. There are many reasons behind its occurrence and the major one is typically the male hormones in the body, which is in high amount.

Learn more about how to it where you will look at best creams, laser, razor, waxing, threading, and the use of epilator.

Best female facial hair removal cream

Having a hairy body especially women, it can force one to be putting on long silver locks when walking around or socializing with others since it sounds a little bit embarrassing.

Therefore, when you have decided that you are going to consider creams for removing unwanted or excessive hair on your face, then you ought to be very careful since there are others that might cause the appearance of bumps, skin discoloration and scarring.

The following are few samples of known or reputable creams that can help get of this problem and they are available over the counter.

1. Moom Organic Kit

It is perfect for all skin types and works well on your whole body in addition to the more delicate facial area. It removes coarse as well as fine ones, and because it’s water soluble, it doesn’t leave any residue on your skin.

2. Olay Smooth finish Duo

It gently takes off fine to medium strands from the upper lip, chin, and cheek and jaw areas in two easy steps. The skin guarding balm conditions your delicate skin prior to hair removal to keep irritation at a minimum. Then, the cream gently removes it to leave skin that’s beautifully soft, smooth and visibly hair-free.

3. Surgi-cream

It is typically made for face and it quickly, effective and gentle way to remove facial hair from your upper lip, cheeks, and chin. Smooth with this cream, relax for a few minutes and rinse away. It also contains Pro-Vitamin B2 and Aloe Vera calm that has the soothing and moisturizing effects.

4. Nad’s facial hair removal creme

This is a pain-free facial cream that has been specifically developed for sensitive skin using almond oil and soothing calendula oil to form a protective skin barrier. Also, there are the no-heat wax gel hair removers for both men and women.

5. Palmer’s No Blade cocoa butter

This is a gentle cream that takes off unwanted hairs on the face, leaving skin smooth, soft and supple. It also contains cocoa butter and vitamin E to replenish moisture lost from the process. This cream can also work well on those that are found on your legs and arms.

6. Boots smooth care

Boots smooth care cream removes hair effectively and immediately in 5 minutes without causing irritation. The following are steps to adhere to if you want a perfect result when using boots:

  • Apply the product evenly in vertical strips over the skin. Using the back of the spatula provided, spread the cream so that all the hair is covered in a thick, even layer.
  • Leave for 5 minutes. Use the spatula to test a small area. If the hair comes away easily the treatment is complete, if not leave for a further 2 minutes and retest (never leave for more than 10 minutes). Remove the cream with the sharp edge of the spatula on the leg moving upwards.
  • Remove any remaining cream with a spatula. Rinse with tepid water. Do not use Soap. Gently pat skin dry with a soft towel.

Note: Do not use hot water or soap immediately before or after using the cream.

Female facial hair removal laser

This is the most permanent way of removing unwanted hairs on the body. Laser removal is the most effective on dark hair and it does not work well on lighter ones (blond, red or grey).

You will be expected to go for several sessions at most seven and at this time you will be able to notice some differences as the unwanted strands will be sparse and less frequent in occurrence.

Once a full initial treatment is completed, and then you will be able to enjoy a smooth facial appearance although it is recommended to go for one or two touch ups sessions may be required every year.

Note: Laser sessions on the face are rapid and when performed by a licensed professional the risk of side effects is minimal.

Removal by razor

According to Dr. Carlos Charles, shaving facial hair using a razor or shaver is the most effective solution. When performed correctly, shaving leads to the least amount of trauma to the skin surrounding it.

Using a razor can also work well in case you wished to remove peach fuzz, errant chin hairs, or a mustache. Not all razors are recommended but a few like the tiny Japanese face razors.

Note: Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi assures that shaving does not affect hair-growth rate or thickness.

By epilator

Facial epilator appearance similar to an electric shaver, but they work by pulling body hairs out of the follicle under the skin, rather than cutting them at the skin’s surface. Although, it is majorly recommended for shaving legs, arms, underarms, bikini area.

It has the following advantages over the other methods:

  • Give you longer-lasting results.
  • Your skin can stay smooth for up to four weeks and new hair appears to grow back finer

However, it is also associated with the following drawbacks:

  • The process is slower because an epilator can’t pull a lot at one time
  • Using an epilator can be uncomfortable at first, especially in the bikini area; the pain does subside with frequent use
  • You’ve got to grow it long enough to epilate, so you could have a few days of longer hair than you’d like
  • The initial cost of an epilator is also much higher than most at-home methods


In this modern world, threading is becoming a popular way of removing female facial hair. Threading gets rids of the finest and smallest strands with ease and doesn’t leave the area extremely swollen or red.

Threading allows for the sharpest eyebrow form and definition, more so than with tweezing and waxing alone. When you draw lines from the arch to each end, in accordance with your eye, they are perfectly aligned.

Note: it is more painful than waxing.


Wax, hot or cold, gets applied to your skin in the same direction that your hair grows. Once it solidifies, it’s quickly stripped away in the opposite direction, pulling it out with it. It is majorly meant for hair removal from the legs, arms, bikini area, eyebrows, or upper lip.

Although it gives your facial skin a smooth appearance, it has the following shortcomings:

  • You must allow it to grow out approximately 5mm to be able to wax it.
  • Can be messy and painful, and it can sometimes leave skin irritated.
  • Can also lead to infection, because any dirt around the exposed skin can enter and clog your pores


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