Best Hair Extensions for the fashion fans ladies

Attractive hair looks like a crown on your head, adding some natural beauty on you. For most ladies, gorgeous looking hair describes more about their lifestyle and features of personality. Hair extensions have come a long way to provide fashion solutions that customize the length, volume and color of a woman’s hair. 

Nowadays with the overwhelming productions of hair products, it’s quite hard to pick the best hair extensions that perfectly suits you. Hair extensions come in different types, brands and varieties. If you’re not keen enough when selecting the best deal, you might end up frustrated and annoyed by the low-quality hair extensions sold by some cosmetic vendors. 

In this guide, you’ll learn everything about the best hair extensions, how to choose or shop for the best hair extensions in the fashion market, how they work, maintenance tips for your hair, and how to get the best out of these colorful human-made products.

How hair extensions work

With the numerous hair extensions available in the market, you don’t have to spend so many years growing your head hair. Hair extensions are perfectly designed to save you all the hassles you have to go through while trying to get that attractive and worthy looks. Once they are attached or clipped together with other hair on your head, these iconic and fashion extensions will give you a celebrity look that will keep you ahead of the fashion trend. 

Types of Hair extensions that you can choose from

Generally, there are three main types of hair extensions worn by ladies; clip-ins, weaves and taped. They all come in different designs and can be easily customized to fit with your personal style.

Clip-ins hair extensions

Clip-ins hair extensions are most popular with British beauty addicts and celebrities. They have been used for years to boost ladies’ appearances and looks since they are so easy to clip. These extensions can be applied using a snap on clips, and they don’t necessarily require a professional to stick them. They provide ladies with an option on when and where to wear them. Besides that, ladies can customize the thickness for the barnet to achieve a classic style. Clip-ins can last for long as long as you keep hold of all the tresses and carefully maintain them.

Taped hair extension

As the name suggests, taped hair extensions can be bonded on hair for up to 12 weeks. If you choose to wear them, it’s important not to clean your mop for at least three days; these help to prevent them from losing the tackiness. 

Taped hair extensions are ideal for those ladies who have busy schedules and cannot afford several hours a week for extensions removal and renewal. They require a lengthy process of clipping the strands; hence you can’t easily remove if you get bored or feel like you no longer like them.


These hair extensions are quite popular since they cost less and are available in many varieties. Weaves can be used to add fullness and length on a woman’s hair. They can be installed using fusion, bonding and micro rings. For fused option, the extensions are glued with their individual locks and the process can take up to four hours. Micro rings are used to attach all the tresses together and involves a process of fixing small sections of the weave with hoops or metal beads. Lastly, bonded extensions are normally grouped into several strands that are sewn in under the thick layer of your hair.

Can hair extensions be made from human hair?

Yes, ladies can choose to either wear real hair or synthetic hair. The human hair locks are a bit expensive and are considered to be a luxury option. One can use false strands but they do have some drawbacks, fake hair has been found to be very weak as it easily breaks and tangles while under heat styling. 

How long do hair extensions last? How often do they require replacements?

Well, you can wear hair extensions for months, depending on how you maintain and care for them. Clip-ins can last more than five months as long as they are kept in tip-top conditions. Just like natural hair, all you have to do is gently wash them and don’t force your combs too hard when brushing them out. 

Signs that you may require a new hair extension include; breakage, coarseness and frizzing. If you’re going to opt for taped hair extensions, it’s recommendable to replace them after every six to nine weeks. Most weaves last for three months while some top-quality going for up to one year. 

Benefits of wearing best hair extensions

Hair extensions can add some glamour to your personal look and appeal. They can be used differently to make you look gorgeous and confident while in public. If you have never tried hair extensions in your life, we have listed 7 benefits of hair extensions for you to consider.

1. Hair extensions add length. Volume and thickness to your hair

Do you have short hair and would like to switch into long colorful hair? Well, hair extensions are a perfect instant solution for you. With the right hair extension style and brand, you can easily boost your confidence by increasing the length of your natural hair. The good thing about hair extensions is that you can customize them from 12 to 24 inches or to a length that you’ll feel comfortable to wear. Most ladies with short hair prefer to use hair extensions for boosting that personal look. 

2. hair extensions come with low maintenance

If you live and work under a busy week schedule that doesn’t give you enough time to style a new hairstyle every day, then a stylish hair extension is the best solution for you. Most hair extensions only require brushing and cleaning maintenance which can be done in less than 30 minutes a day.  With hair extension, you can extend versatility and glamor to your looks since they all come in a pre-styled design require no further makeups. 

3. Hair extension is your key to the experimentation of different hairstyles

If you’re those fashion fans, ladies that love to experiment different looks of hairstyle, then hair extension are the best deal to go for. From stylish bob cuts to long hair, colored streaks to curly strands, to Hair Bun Extensions, hair extensions designs are so limitless, and there are numerous varieties available for you to try.

  The good thing with experimenting is that you will be able to protect your natural hair from harsh chemicals and hair styling tools. So whichever hairstyle you want to achieve, you can always rely on hair extension for achieving that glamorous look. 

4. Can be used to add highlighters and colorful colors

If you like to have different colors on your hair, there is no need to use aggressive dyes and hair colors that can damage your own natural hair. Hair extensions come in different colors to choose from and some like natural hair extensions give you the option of coloring and customizing to fit your desires and looks. 

5. Hair extensions are the easiest solution for you to stay in vogue

Staying in top fashion should not feel difficult while there is an option of different and limitless hair extensions styles to try. If you’re fascinated by the beautiful look of popular celebrities’ hairstyles and would like to have a beautiful hairstyle like them, hair extensions can give you that unique and attractive look that you want to achieve. With the limitless options available from hair extensions, all you have to do is choose the one that matches with your preference and then flaunt with its beauty everywhere you go.  

6. Best for an instant look if you have a special occasion or event

Have you ever wondered why most celebrities are able to stay in fashion every time they are featured on an event? Well, their secret lies behind hair extensions. If you have an event where you are the main guest, hair extensions will help you achieve that beautiful look that will make you the centre of attention and turn heads when you walk around. 

7. provides a grafting solution after a bad haircut

Sometimes you might end up with a disastrous haircut when your favorite salon messes up with your natural hair. This is one of the scariest things that can ever happen to a woman, and none of us would ever like to see this happen. But sometimes accidents happen, especially when your salon loses forecast and slips her scissor across your beautiful hair.

If this ever happens to you, don’t stress or panic, Hair extensions were ideally made to save you from such a disastrous situation. Never feel embarrassed from a bad haircut as you can easily boost your personal looks with a quality hair extension.

Tips for choosing the best hair extensions in the market

1. Hair texture

Each hair extension is specifically designed to suit various textures. European and Russian hair comes with a finer and is suitable for fine hair while Chinese hair is best suited for dense hair. To get the best out of hair extensions, always choose hair textures that match with your natural hair to easily blend with your natural hair. 

2. Perfect color match

One of the obvious tips when it comes to picking the right hair extension is color. A perfect color match enables one to blend seamlessly with her hair, hence achieving a personal and natural look. Nowadays, most companies sell hair extensions with tri-blended, dual-blended and bright colors that give you a glamorous look. 

3. choose Remy human hair

Hair extensions come in different varieties to choose from including human hair and synthetic hair. The best hair extensions are made with human hair; they are the highest quality extensions on the market, and they determine how long your extensions will last. 

Best hair extensions Brands to choose from 

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions

Glam seamless is one of the top hair extension brands in the cosmetic industry. With more than 180 hair extensions varieties, Glam Seamless provided ladies lots of fashion to choose from. Ultra-seamless tape in is one of Glam Seamless top hair extension that has been referred to as the number one gold standard hair extension for women. It features 100% virgin human hair that is sourced from top donors and comes with a pure cuticle that is intact. 

This extra virgin hair is manufactured with eco-friendly technology that processes the natural hair gently to maintain the virgin states, making it to last longer than any other Glam collections. Other top Glam Seamless collections include Ombre Tape In, Invisi Tape, Glam Stands, Sample Wefts, Curly Tape-In and, Invisi-Weft Bundles. 

Luxy Hair Extensions 

The Luxy hair extensions are one of the best take-off hair extensions in the market. They are made from the finest Remy human hair that has been carefully sorted to ensure that all cuticles are of the same length. The brand only offers clip in hair extension that nicely designed, affordable and easy to use. Luxy hair company is based in the US and has been in the cosmetic business for quite a while.

This has helped them gain a lot of good reputation as the company regularly improves its hair extensions quality with new features that make the Remy human hair last longer. Over the years, Luxy hair has gained a lot of popularity from all over the world. The company became a top brand when it started educating women about hair extensions using its YouTube channel that has a very huge fan following.

Bellami Hair extensions

Bellami Hair extensions have earned a good reputation over their thickness from root to tip and great quality cuticles that make the extensions last longer. If you like to keep curls, Bellami Hair extensions are a great option to go for since they easily create more volume after being curled. When it comes to durability, Bellami Hair can last for about 14 to 24 months depending on how you take care of them. If you like colored hair extensions choose Bellami Hair extensions that have gone through their own dyeing process. 

Weave Wonderful hair extensions

Weave Wonderful hair extensions are one of the best hair extensions in the market. The quality of their hair is so fantastic and easily blends with your natural hair. All Weave Wonderful hair extensions are made with high-quality virgin human hair that has been carefully outsourced and selectively picked from great donors.  The good thing about Weave Wonderful hair extensions is that they can be styled and dyed to different colors and can easily match with any hair type.

AiryHair hair extensions

AiryHair is one of the best top brands of hair extensions. Their extensions are so simple to apply and you can easily get a style boost from remy hair in less than 10 minutes. The clip-ins extensions are so easy to install and can be used to add volume and length. Alternative you can use their micro-loop hair extensions that can be applied without a stylist in less than 10 minutes. 

If you have short hair that would like to boost, forget about waiting for years to grow out the hair length that you want. With affordable AiryHair extensions, you can get a wonderful and beautiful hairstyle instantly. All AiryHair extensions are sourced from the best virgin remy human hair, and this makes them a top brand for professional stylists, stylish women and beauty bloggers.  


If you want to choose the best hair extensions that suit your fashion needs, remember to pay attention to texture and color. Then decide on the length you want to achieve. All remy human hair extensions are perfectly made to fit with your hairstyle. If you don’t know how to apply hair extensions, you can get help from a stylist or salon.