How to Get Slime Out of Hair?

Slime is famous for being a trendy type of toy among kids and young people. It can be bought in stores or make it yourself at home with the appropriate materials. 

It consists of a viscous substance similar to the texture of chewing gum. It is made with various ingredients such as guar gum, flavorings, dyes, glue, detergent, cornstarch, water, and bicarbonate. 

To the simple touch, it is very viscous, but do not worry, it is not toxic at all. Slime is usually packaged in colorful plastic containers with the respondent manufacturer’s brand. 

This toy is a viral trend in the world, especially when it comes to children. But just as it is an excellent distraction, it can also cause accidents. 

One of the most common is to have a slime attached to your hair. As it is such a viscous and sticky substance, it is challenging to remove it with your hands. 

That is why there are many ways to remove the slime from your hair without the need to use scissors to cut it. 

How to Get Slime Out of Hair? 

It is a common problem that can occur at home but does not despair if that happens to your child or if it is your child who sticks the rubber on someone else’s hair. There are many solutions to solve these types of cases. 

One of the most widely used products for slime removal in hair is the conditioner. 

Using conditioner on your hair while taking a shower with warm water is a great option. It is recommended that you soak each part that contains the slime.  

Using conditioner, massage with your fingers until all the product is integrated into your head. While you are doing this, you must destroy the rubber as much as you can to reduce its size. 

Then with a comb, you must go through your hair to break the slime little by little. While you are doing this, the rubber will gradually dissolve. Allow the warm water to fall on the affected area since it is necessary to massage the area to loosen the slime and remove it. 

When you notice that the slime has disappeared, rinse your head with warm water. Then apply shampoo to the entire head, especially the area that was affected by the slime. Massage for a while and then remove the product with warm water. 

The shampoo is a good purifier, so this will help remove the last slime residue from your hair. 

That is one of the most effective solutions to remove slime from hair. There are other methods like using products made with oil or vinegar. You can also use neutral detergent or baby shampoo. 

You can use neutral soap (this is effective because it completely removes the slime from your hair), or simply grab some ice cubes and put them on the rubber until it becomes solid and can be easily removed. It is important to emphasize that if this latter method does not work, you should go to a professional or cut yourself with scissors. 

It is always necessary to use a comb to help separate the slime from the hair.