Hairy Butt Causes, Shaving, Waxing & Permanent Removal

A hairy butt or bum is an embarrassing thing but at the same time, it is a normal condition since hair can appear on any part of the body. Most of them play vital roles to some extent but they need to be controlled.

The article will provide vital information about these hairs on the various part of the body apart from having them butt or bums.

What causes it?

According to Hank Green, no one actually knows why we have this happens, but it may simply exist because there’s “no significant evolutionary pressure against it.  This means it does not get in the way of human’s normal life. It may just be a side effect of the unintelligent design.

Hairy buttocks
Hairy buttocks

Some theories suggest that hairy butt facilitate scent communication and that is why we have it in the same areas where we produce odors. It is there to hold onto sebaceous, or oily, secretions that have their own smell and are consumed by bacteria that produce even more smells.

Skin rubbing against each other causes friction, which can lead to irritation, rashes, and even infection. They may act as a bit of a protective layer, and those sebaceous secretions hair helps spread work to reduce the pain of chafing.

Note: Butt hair could act like a natural anti-chafing cream. Read more on here is why you have butt hair


Is it normal to have a hairy butt? it bums can be embarrassing especially if you go a group swim beach. You may not be the only one.

Here are some samples of pictures that will shade more understanding and I hope it will be helpful in case you wish to get rid of them.

How to get rid of hair on buttock & bum cheeks

If you didn’t know, it plays a vital role in protecting our body from infection and foreign particles while helping maintain body temperature.

Although, getting rid of it from various parts of the body such as the butt or bum, has become a common practice. There are many products and methods claim to remove butt hair, but only a few techniques effectively eliminate work well without affecting your skin.

Here are best ways to remove unwanted hair bum cheeks on buttock and bikini areas:

Use shaving cream

Use shaving cream and shave your butt using a razor. Shaving is the most common and most efficient method that will take a little time and cost-effective.

Although, the results of shaving are temporary; hair generally returns within a few days because shaving only removes only those on the skin’s surface. Use a mirror to help navigate hard to reach areas.

Be careful, follow proper technique and use sharp razors to avoid having ingrown butt hairs.

Try waxing your butt

Waxing is both effective and efficient since a waxing kit can be used at home. It’s generally best to enlist the help of a professional salon or esthetician. A professional esthetician applies wax to the skin and then places a piece of cloth on top of the wax.

After pressing down on the cloth a few times, the wax strip is quickly removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. It is removed at the root and grows back at a slower rate than a shaved one.

Go for electrolysis for permanent hair removal

Go for electrolysis since it uses an electric current burn to its root through a needle inserted into the follicle. Each hair follicle is individually burned and the procedure generally involves several treatments.

According to Family Doctor website, they suggested that finding a professional who is both qualified and licensed to perform electrolysis. Electrolysis is an expensive and tedious procedure that provides more permanent results than waxing or shaving.

Try laser – permanent too

According to, laser hair removal eliminates unwanted them using an intense beam of light. A laser penetrates the skin to damage its follicle, preventing future growth. Several treatments may be necessary and future maintenance treatments may be necessary as well.

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