Which Are the Best Ingrown Hair Serum to Buy and DIY

Mysterious bumps have just sprung on your face, armpit, pubic area, inner thigh etc., after hair removal and they are not acne, milia or hives? These could be ingrown hair bumps. What are they? What causes them? What is the best serum for ingrown hair can you use on them?

If we on daily basis yearn for smooth and bump-free skin, the moment we discover unsightly bumps on our skin, we should be concerned. In fact, we should treat such symptoms in their early stages otherwise, they would be irritated advancing to severe infections and hyperpigmentation.

In case, those mysterious bumps on your skin are due to ingrown hair, then there are more than a few ways to get rid of them. Among the best treatments is the use of the various serum.

Before we go into detailed information about the best serums, let’s get to understand what this condition is, and what causes it.

Meaning and causes

Usually, ingrown hair is not is not a severe condition. However, they can be irritating and embarrassing. They can be very itchy and uncomfortable. This condition emerges when the hair grows horizontally below the skin or when the hair above the skin surface curl back and grow into the skin. This would result in raised, red bump resembling a pimple.

In men, these bumps are usually seen on the chin, cheeks, neck, armpit or pubic area after shaving. In women, they are common on legs, pubic area, and even buttocks.

In short, anyone can suffer them. So, what causes it? More often, they result after poor methods of shaving that is shaving to short or shaving in the wrong direction. Sharp hair would easily pierce back into the skin and emerge this condition.

Your vulnerability towards having it is also increased if you have naturally curly or coarse hair. Again, when follicles are blocked, then you would also have the same condition. So, all factors causing acne can result in this condition.

How do you treat them? Can serum be effective? Let us discuss the issue of these products which many people have found helpful.

Best ingrown hair serum

Now, before we move further, what is a serum? Well, according to reneerouleau.com, ”a serum is a skin care product with a gel or light lotion consistency that contains a high concentration of performance ingredients”

They are fashioned to answer several questions concerning various skin disorders. For instance, serum hydrate the skin, improve the skin tone, smooths out the wrinkles, calms redness and sensitivity, exfoliates the skin gently among other amazing functions.

The above functions of serum are also very applicable to ingrown hair bump. So, what is the best serum you can go for if you have this problem?

1. Ipanema

This an oil-free serum that has natural ingredients in it. It diminishes their appearance after you have waxed or shaved. Ipanema ingrown hair serum is a gentle exfoliator that enhances the skin tone, soften the hair and make the skin healthier. It contains glycolic acid that hydrates the skin and fades the hyperpigmentation. It also has a lavender extract that relieves irritation as well sage extract that has antibacterial ingredients.

To achieve the best results, apply this lotion twice daily on the affected skin.

2. European wax center ingrown hair serum

This would have everything you would wish to deal with this condition. It has no bad smells and doesn’t sting either. It has wonderful ingredients such glycolic acid that gets rid of the dead skin cells and also a natural skin moisturizer. It also contains tea tree oil that is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that keeps infections at bay.

It also is packed with other fruits that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are effective for in healing hair that is ingrown. Lastly, this serum is pocket-friendly and is very simple to use.

3. Mandy’s

This is also among the best ingrown hair products, especially for the sensitive skins. This product relieves inflammation and itchiness that is linked to this problem. Thanks to its tea tree oil. The liquid is simple to apply and can be applied any place in your body. It has roller ball applicator that makes its application very easy.

Apply Mandy’s Ingrown Hair Serum twice daily until you register good results in regards to the incommodious condition. Remember this is a clinically proven product

4. Flawless

This is a delicious sweet-smelling solution that is a well clinically proven.  Its active ingredients effectively vanish the unsightly bumps as well as the hair that is ingrown. The active ingredients also smoothen your skin and weaken the follicles.

This is one of the ingrown hair bump removal serums that many of our customers do applaud. Give it a try today and have your testimony.

5. Cirepil serum 30ml

This is another precious product fashioned for this condition. It has a great combination of wonderful ingredients including papaya, aloe vera, and more active ingredients. It exfoliates the skin, kill the bacteria, softens and moisturize the skin.  It makes the skin supple and soft and thus enhancing easy procedure of removing hair.

It is applied 48 hours after hair removal. For more enjoyable results, this serum can be applied alongside other skin scrubs.

6. Ofra ingrown hair Serum

This is also another amazing best body scrub for this condition. It gets rid of many cosmetic issues resulting hair removal. It contains Lavender, vitamin E, and tea tree oils and thus very effective eliminating, curing and preventing these bumps. It is very effective for ingrown hair on legs, bikini, neck, back, and underarms.

It very effectual to be applied to the area where hair has been removed and irritation plus itchiness has emerged. It has got more ingredients and extracts that are fashioned for eliminating these troubles.

7. Tend skin liquid skincare solution

This is another applauded ointment that works for all skin types. It can be applied every day since it is gently enough. Many customers have given it a splendid support. It works perfectly by getting rid of the blemishes resulting from this bumps. You can as well applied this amazing ingrown facial hair removal if you are a victim too.

Prices or costs

Now, what about the cost of serums we have seen? Well, the various serum would have their own price depending on the market and the quantity, but the price usually ranges from $17 to $40. Some can be purchased online as well.

DIY or homemade recipes

Before resolving to commercial serum, you can as well try some home recipe for homemade serum. This procedure would involve using home natural products available at home. This would only involve few natural ingredients and some simple procedures.

Some of the ingredients you can apply include tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, castor oil, hemp seed oil and castor oil among others. But sometimes, depending on the status of the symptoms relating to this condition, some of the DIY home ingrown hair serum may be ineffective. So thereafter, you can try the commercial products.

For how should I apply an ingrown hair serum?

Application of various serum would consider several factors. It would depend on the sensitivity of the skin, ingredients found in the serum, and the severity. Some serum can be applied daily while others can only be applied for few days a week.

Now, before you purchase any product for these bumps, you should have acknowledged the ingredients contained in the intended product. Some serum would be harsh on your skin and would emerge more skin blemishes.

Talk to your dermatologist about the best products for your skin. Remember, no specific serum is suitable for all skin types. So the duration of application of particular serum would vary depending on the ingredients on it, skin sensitivity and the severity of the ingrown hair bumps among other factors.

Last advice

As long as you would be applying these serums for treating ingrown hair bumps, there are also some supplementary procedures you would consider alongside application of serum. You should practice proper shaving and waxing techniques. You should also wash your body regularly and at the same time gently exfoliate the skin.

You should also bear in mind that not all serums are effective and friendly to your skin. You should have a prior knowledge about which product is suitable for skin. Suspend the use of certain products once you discover strange symptoms after you`ve just started using it and see your dermatologist for more medical advice.

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