Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss Remedies and Dandruff

Itchy scalp can prove to be a very irritating problem. Many people suffer from itchy scalp and head straight to the complication of hair loss. However, very few notice this is a problem until it reaches the critical stage with serious signs of hair loss. This article takes on all the important issues relating to itchy scalp and baldness.

Generally, as a person gets older, he loses a fraction of his hair. Is this accompanied by itchy scalp? The rate of thinning varies from person to person. Some would claim that hair loss is all in the family genes.

Others would blame stress, chemotherapy, menopause, and even having a baby as factors. These medical issues cause scalp itchiness,  tenderness, or even a tingling sensation and pain.

Sometimes, this problem and related signs accompany some hair follicles dying at that same time.  Therefore, some itchiness issues cause hair loss.  These two are closely related to each other so one should treat the scalp first in order to treat the loss.

A strand of hair undergoes three phases in its life cycle:  anagen or the growth stage, telogen or the resting period, and catagen or the falling phase. In addition, it sheds dead cells as it renews every 28 days.  The process is similar to the skin. This will allow new, healthy scalp cells to emerge. During this process, one may experience an itchiness especially if their skin is a bit too sensitive.

Baldness or hair loss occurs if the follicles die and new hair is no longer produced. A follicle is a bag-like structure from which the hair below the surface of the skin rests on. The loss is usually just the end result.  However, there are many causes of this problem of which, itchy scalp is the most prominent.  This problem is due to a range of reasons from simple hair washing problem to a grave scalp dysesthesia or trichodynia.

Yeast, diet, itchy scalp and hair loss

Most of the times, itchiness is due to dryness.  But this is just a part of it.  Natural scalp yeasts must have overly proliferated and that is the cause of hair follicle deaths.  Yeast is known to be aggravated by dry scalp and wheat, dairy, and sugar overload.

Excessive intake of sodium in your diet can also contribute also.  Your skin has pores that excrete excess sodium in the body. However, it works differently in the scalp. Sodium usually accumulates here, which may choke the follicles and cause it to itch. With constant accumulation, follicles eventually die.

Dandruff, Itchy scalp and hair loss

Dandruff is an obvious result of bad scalp health and is likely to cause it to itch. It is a condition when scales of skin are shed from it. Though dandruff itself does not cause baldness, it may if it is accompanied by infections that are severe enough to damage the follicles.

Dandruff can become a bad menace on a person’s head. Many people who have had chronic problems of dandruff recurrence have shown to report cases of itchiness. Although it might be an issue of hygiene, it is important that you see a doctor or a dermatologist to advice you on better nutrition and hygiene practices to reduce itchiness.

Home remedies

Dermatologists have proposed many remedies of itchy scalp. However, the most important thing for anyone suffering from the problem of hair loss that is accompanied or preceded by itchiness of the scalp should try as much as possible to learn the things that cause the problem so that they can avoid or control them.

A healthy lifestyle is no doubt one of the perfect remedies for this issue. Cutting down on junk, fast food, and cured meat are effective ways to reduce one’s sodium intake.

Another of the remedies has to do with sugar and dairy, which on the other hand, feed up the yeast. Regulating one’s daily intake of these substances would greatly help in preserving your scalp as well as your hair in good condition.

Regular washing or improved hygiene is another important remedy of itchiness because it removes accumulated dirt. It is recommended to use mild shampoo for people with normal hair; and consequently, other shampoo strengths for every different hair need. Use of hot water not only damages it but even the follicles and the scalp.

Blow-drying your hair also has adverse effects on the strands. It could also be harsh to the scalp and cause it to itch. Some medicines are also available over the counter for cases of head lice and dandruff.

Maintaining the scalp health would take more than just washing and brushing. There are formulas in the market for each type of hair.

However, the main concern for baldness is the scalp condition.  Therefore, before maintaining the glossy feel of the hair, it is wiser to maintain a healthy its condition first. A few drops of oil are sufficient enough for the job. A regular massage with oil will keep the moisture and its health, and ultimately help you to reduce or even cure itchy scalp and hair loss.

These two issues are closely related or they happen together. In case itchiness becomes severe, see a specialist to further help you.