How to Stop, Regrown, and Prevent a Receding Hairline

Can you really stop a receding hairline? Learn more about how to stop a receding hairline, fix or prevent it. Generally, we will concentrate on both how to stop and ways on how to regrow it. However, to do this, you first need to know the cause before you can effectively deal with it.

If you are having this problem that is not completely bald, you can actually regrow your hairline back by following some of the ways we are going to discuss which will be home remedies, treatments, and medications.

Since we already covered receding hairline in women in detail we will not focus on it in this article. Women might need slightly different approaches in dealing with this problem that is a bit rare in them.  Furthermore, always check to ensure you do not lose more hair than it is normal (up to about 100 strands daily) as you groom it.

How to stop or fix or regrow a receding hairline

This problem can be a nightmare for both men and women. If you already have this condition, there are approaches you can use to fix it. Some of these approaches are natural remedies while others will involve surgical and medical treatments. We are generally going to discuss the various ways you can use.


There are many treatments that you could opt for. Some of the common ones include hair transplant surgeries, use of laser combs, use of medications such as Minoxidil, Propecia, Rogaine and other solutions.

Some of these medications are prescription while others are over the counter medications. See more on receding hairline treatment – how to treat, cure, costs involved, Minoxidil, etc.

Home remedies

The moment you notice this problem, there are numerous home remedies you could turn to encourage hair regrowth and stop losing it further.

Some of the popular ones include massaging your scalp using essential oils such as castor, olive, neem, hibiscus, clary sage, etc.

There are many others natural remedies. See more in details on receding hairline natural treatment.

Products to stop receding hairline

Going on with ways on how to stop this kind of hair loss, there are also various products, marketed as capable of encouraging regrowth and reducing further recession.

Try shampoos and conditioners or those that will stop hair thinning. Some of the shampoos and conditioners you should try include:

  • Nature’s Gate Biotin Shampoo
  • Jason Hair Strengthening Conditioner Lavender
  • MenScience Daily Shampoo (for Men)

Out of desperation, some people might turn to very strong shampoos or conditioners, hoping they will help them fix this problem fast. However, you instead go for either shampoos or conditioners specifically designed for this work or use gentle ones. Go for ones with ingredients such as salicylic acid, panthenol, etc.

Other best ways to prevent or stop it

besides the above, you can also try the following ways that will guarantee you great results, although they may not come overnight.

1. Check your lifestyle and diet

Also, you need to ensure you get a healthy living lifestyle. Stop eating refined foods (refined sugar and grain products) as they worsen symptoms of hair loss. Instead, eat fresh fruits, vegetable, lean proteins, minerals and whole grains.

Furthermore, ensure your diet has enough amounts of zinc, magnesium, and selenium as they help in ensuring you have stronger and healthier hair follicles. Vitamin B6, E, A, C and Folic acid consumption can also help in regrowth.

Although according to Mayo Clinic, no supplement has been clinically proven to better receding hair regrowth, you can try various supplements such as Saw Palmetto, procerin, which helps in reducing DHT, which is one of the main causes of this problem.

Furthermore, ensure you exercise regularly, to improve blood circulation in your body. Exercise will help you in many other ways. This couple with scalp massage will really help in ensuring the follicle get enough oxygen and nourishment.

Finally, on lifestyle, stressful and anxious lifestyle can exacerbate this kind of hair loss. Ensure you know how to manage it.

2. Alcohol-free care and styling products

There are styling products that often contain alcohol. Alcohol often encourages drying of our scalp which might worsen things. Try to avoid any styling product that contains alcohol since a dry scalp can encourage hair loss.

3. Combing it aggressively and too often

Avoid combing it too often, especially in a backward direction as it can lead to hairs falling off thus cause this problem. Furthermore, stop using very hard brushes when brushing it. Brushing it can actually help as it encourages its regrowth, but do not overdo it.

4. Avoid harsh hair chemicals

Ensure you do not expose it to harsh chemicals such as bleaches, hair dyes, etc. They are likely to affect your already weakened follicles and cause them to fall off.

5. Hair thickening and growth-boosting products

If you stop hair thinning, you will be able to manage the receding problem easily since it first begins by thinning before it finally turns to baldness. Try vitamins that boost growth too.

6. Go for good hairstyling  and stop pulling it back especially tight pigtails, ponytails, etc

If you have this problem, it could be caused by the kind of hairstyles you put one. Ensure you do not wear any that that pulls it tightly backward.  Avoid pulled back ponytails, weaves or buns and go for loose ones instead.

7. Include fish oil in your meals

Fish oil is considered good in preventing thinning and would particularly help people who have noticed thinning. Omega 3 fatty acids are known in blocking or stopping conversion of testosterone to DHT. However, this will mean higher levels of testosterone in the body.

8. Use satin or silk pillowcases

Going on with ways to prevent a receding hairline, ensure you use either satin or silk pillowcases as they cause less friction when compared those made from flannel or cotton. These fabrics are preferred since they allow it to slide easily with minimum friction thus reduce hair breakages and loss.

9. Note on herbal remedies

There are many herbal solutions to help regrow a receding hairline. If you opted for herbal solutions, you are likely to suffer lesser side effects. However, most of these herbal alternative medications have not developed and tested extensively.  This, therefore, makes them pose a possible health danger to your scalp.

While looking at how to fix this issue, we have covered quite a great deal. I hope among the many suggestions above on how to stop and how to regrow receding hairline in this article and in our other articles, you find a solution that is going to truly work for you.