Receding Hairline Treatments Costs and Natural Regrowth

What is the best receding hairline treatment can you turn to? Do they work? Are they costly? Is it worthwhile trying Minoxidil?

We have insight on the various treatments options where we will discuss medications, hair transplant, natural treatments, among many other approaches.

We are of course not discussing how to stop or prevention receding hairline since it has been covered elsewhere.

Is there are a cure?

This problem might give you so much stigma and the social implication that might make you do just anything to have your hair back. There are various treatments you could opt for. Some of which will work well and easily.

However, if you are suffering from a genetically caused cases, it might not be easy to completely deal with it. However, you can delay it by using some of the medications and methods for we will discuss to encourage regrow receding hairline if you begin early before complete baldness.

If you did not know, it is possible to treat a hairline that is receding if you begin early while total baldness has no happened. So be careful and always check for any signs of receding hairline. Immediately you notice it, begin treatments. This can help you deal with it easily. If you wait until total baldness strikes in, you might be required to go for hair transplant, which is quite costly.

Even top celebrities such as LeBron suffered from it and if you have this condition, you do not need to be stigmatized.

Before you begin to treat it, you need to ensure you have known what causes it in the first place (see more on causes, symptoms, and meaning). The exact approach you will use will be dependent on the cause. However, in this discussion, we are going to cover all the treatments you can opt for.

Use medications for men and women

There are several medications, which are publicized, as able to cure for receding hairline. They might be very important. However, you need to be so careful since some of the highly publicized drugs and medications might interact with other drugs or cause undesired side effects.  Some of the common medications used include the following:

  • Propecia for men – Helps in hair growth and stops hair loss for some time. It has shown very consistent results with an effectiveness that is more proven.  This prescription is only for men and it has to be prescribed before you use it. You will take a pill daily for about a year and expect to see results after 3 months.
  • Minoxidil – It is equally helpful. It also works by slowing down a further recession. You need to use both the pill and topical solution and it has been approved by the FDA. It contains DHT blockers since the production of DHT is one of the main causes of this hair loss.  These medications come under various brands’ names (sold over the counter) and you will take one pill daily and rub the topical solution on the affected area.
  • Finasteride – It is effective in stopping mid-scalp and frontal recession. You need to take one pill daily (the usual dose is 1mg per day). You will begin seeing results after a few weeks. (Note that some sources consider Finasteride and Propecia to be the same medication).  This synthetic anti-androgen inhibits type II 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.
  • Rogaine – This is an FDA approved and clinically shown product that can help you to regrow receded hairline easily. You will apply this topical solution to your scalp twice a day. (Similarly, some sources consider Rogaine and Minoxidil to be the same product).

Surgical receding hairline treatments – fast results

Surgical cure methods quickly become popular among many people since some of them give immediate results. Some of the common surgical treatments you can go for include the following:

1. Hair transplant surgery

It is one of the very popular and one of the best treatments. Various techniques are often used during this process that includes slit graft, punch grafts, mini and micrografts, flap tissues and use of flaps. Your doctor will help you decide if it is the best way to go, depending on the causes.

2. Scalp reduction surgery

The other way to deal with this nuisance is going for scalp reduction surgery where a part of the already bald hair is removed and your skin is stretched. This procedure is particularly not advisable for men who have excessive baldness or a hairline that has receded too much. Furthermore, it might have numbness and scaring side effects and multiple surgeries might be required for great results.

3. Laser hairbrushes and combs – low-level Laser therapy

For a cost of about between $300 and $600, you can opt for laser hair brushes. They can help in stimulating hair growth and reducing further recession.  Ensure you go for only the FDA approved laser combs. When you opt for this method, your follicles are energized by being exposed to low-level lasers and this will stimulate growth.

Other Treatment

Toupee – This is not a treatment but rather a way to conceal your shiny head. It is a bit expensive method and requires you to give your scalp good maintenance.

Use receding hair shampoos – Get a good brand such as the Nioxin, which will help in fighting thinning. Another good brand is the German Alpecin shampoo. However, you need to ensure you do not over shampoo as it can get strained, fall off or become thin.

Homeopathy – This is a personalized treatment where each person is given a different treatment depending on mental, physical and symptoms he or she has. Most common homeopathic medications used include Natrum Mur, Vinca Minor, Borax, and Pulsatilla.

Acupuncture Treatment – This is a Chinese treatment (traditional) where tiny needles are injected into the scalp. This increases blood and nutrients flow to the scalp, and it might stimulate the growth of hair. If you opt for this method, ensure you get a qualified expert.

Natural treatment – Remedies to Regrow receded hairline

We have looked at surgical options, use shampoo, medications (both oral and topical) and the use of laser combs. Those are not the only treatment. There are many others. For people who want a safer way to deal with this problem, they would perhaps opt for natural treatments that include the following:

Scalp Oily Massage – Always massage your scalp with natural oils such as coconut, neem or olive to help increase blood circulation to the scalp and consequently nutrients. Increased blood circulation also helps in removing any waste products from the scalp.

Try Coconut Milk – To help spur hair growth, it is advisable you apply topically coconut milk on the affected area and leave it throughout the night. You can wash it off in the morning. This can help in regrowing receding hairline. However, it has to be done in early stages to be effective.

Onions – Due to high levels of sulfur, onions juice can be placed on the scalp for about an hour before you shampoo your hair. It can also be mixed together with olive oils and cinnamon powder.

Castor oil and Lemon Essential Oil – A mixture of castor oil and lemon essential oil has been found to help in regrowing hair. You need to mix eight tablespoons of castor oil to one tablespoon of lemon essential oil, mix thoroughly before you massage your scalp for about two minutes. Leave it for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. You can store the remaining mixture in a dark cool place and use it for about 30 days.

Fresh Avocado, Lime Juice and Coconut Oil – Melanie A. Sachs, author of “Ayurvedic Beauty Care,” claims that a mixture of fresh avocado (half peeled), 4 tbsp coconut milk and 2 tablespoons of lime juice can be blended and used to gently massage your scalp to help hair regrowth. You can afterward use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. The unused mixture can serve you for up to 72 hours.

Hibiscus, Clary Sage, and Rosemary Essential Oil combined with Jojoba Oil – A mixture of a half tsp of hibiscus, clary sage, Rosemary essential oils, and about 10 tsp of jojoba oil can be used to massage scalp for about one to two minutes.

Leave your scalp for about 15 minutes before rinsing or wash it using a gentle shampoo and cold water. Unused oil can be used for up to 30 days if stored in dark cool place.

Proper Diet and Good Lifestyle – Ensure you eat foods rich in vitamins in your diet. Also, avoid unhealthy diets such as refined foods and too much stress. Stress is actually one of the causes of hair loss. Ensure you eat lots of whole grains, vegetables, and lean proteins. Furthermore, take a lot of water to help in hydrating your scalp.

These are not the only natural and home remedies for treating recessing hairline. There are many others, which you will find in various resources online. However, the above has shown to be effective and they work perfectly.

Receding hairline treatment cost

On the cost, it all depends on the approach you use. Hair transplant as a treatment can cost several thousands of dollars while going to the home and natural remedies you will spend hardly anything. If you opted for the various topical solutions and medications, be ready to spend up to $100 every month on these medications