Steps for Teasing Your Hair Correctly 

Hair combed at the back direction or pushed back became a fashion statement in the 1950’s. During the same period, long or rather extra long one was the common way of life and without it, one felt out of place naturally.

The most amazing thing about this hairdo is the way it was normally styled, sometimes in a curly look, wavy outlook or the tightly held at the back.

To exaggerate it, many superstars adorned wigs, to achieve this end.

Steps for teasing your hair
Steps for teasing your hair

 Steps to follow when teasing your hair

Ensure that it is straight first before any type of teasing may proceed. This is mainly because a curly or wavy hair that is being subjected to a teasing procedure may end up being damaged, or even achieve an excessive tangling. To achieve that straightened look, blow-dry it or subject it to a flat iron process.

Take a moment to allow it to cool off completely after the straightening processes you chose. This is because teasing warm or hot strands will have the resultant effect of hair breakage.

Using the soft brush or soft spiked comb, brush it slowly ensuring that each and every tangle has been straightened up in the most careful manner. The end result is to ensure that its strands are as free as possible.

Part a small crop of hair using a metallic end of the comb, from the rest and hold together the remaining using a clip.

With the comb as well as the assistance of your hands, gather a number of hair strands that has a width of 1-2 inches. Usage of smaller strands will guarantee you tighter results. on the other hand, usage of big strands brings out loose results.

Using your hand straighten the held hairs, by holding them away from the scalp so as to achieve a push back movement.

Employing uniformed movements of combing but at the same time keeping them short and sharp, comb it from the handheld end to the scalp end.

Ensure that you keep repeating the above process until you achieve the desired teased effect.

Subject the teased areas with a hairspray firmly held so that this process shall be repeated, every time a new area has been teased.

Move to another section, complete the teasing procedure then spray it accordingly as and when you are through with it.

After completely teasing the whole hair, go ahead and spray the whole of it.

Gently use both hands to smooth the now cropped back hair, moving towards the position opposite the scalp, ensure that it is at its maximum height.

The teased hair is sometimes characterized by a rough edge so it is important to spray it and carefully doing it at the edges using a spraying sheen. Spray it in your hands so that you may guide them on your hair gently.


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