Brazilian Waxing Pain: How to Get A Pain-Free Wax

In all honesty Brazilian waxing is only for the brave hearted- you know people who have supernatural thresh hold for pain (if they exist of course!).

Waxing hurts like hell! That’s just the sad truth, given it’s the most effective method for removing unwanted hair from your eyebrows down to your kitty area for weeks on end.

If you think about it, no sane person would ever subject their nether regions to such torture, right? Yet, Brazilian waxing has become a standard grooming habit for many women.

You can either get the simple Brazilian wax-which involves removing all or nearly all the hair from front to back or a full-bush Brazilian wax- removes all hair from the vulva and back but leaves a triangle at the front.

Getting it isn’t exactly a walk in the park, okay, maybe afterward because you’ll be bikini ready for weeks.

Getting waxed-no matter how skilled, talented or recommended the therapist is-it’s not painless. Brazilian waxing is that bad! You will definitely cry! It’s not quick- takes about 10-20 minutes.

Before Brazilian hair removal

1. Get a professional waxing therapist

Do your homework, get somebody with experience to help reduce the pain during this hair removal exercise. An experienced waxing specialist will take precautionary measures to ensure a fast, almost painless treatment. Call the beauty parlor prior to booking a waxing appointment to know the products, pre-skin prep methods and post-wax skin soothing methods.

Ideally, you need a beauty parlor that uses less harsh-all-natural wax and offers a numbing cream for the pain. And NO! do not use ice as a substitute for a numbing cream as it will tighten and close up the pores causing the process to be more difficult.

2. Consider exfoliating

Using an exfoliating serum or scrub prior to your appointment loosens up dead skin close to the hair follicles. Additionally, exfoliating helps to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs- thus ensuring a smooth, faster and less-painful experience and allows the wax to penetrate and reach the shorter hair on the first take.

3. Ask for hard and strip all-natural waxes

Hard wax is specifically formulated to grip hair and not the skin layer, especially in the sensitive areas. Typically, it works by opening pores and follicles thus causing the hair to easily come out which reduces pain, prolongs smooth, hairless results.

4. Book your appointment post-periods

Pain threshold differs from person to person. Usually, for women, the skin is very sensitive around the menstruation period. But, a few days (4-5) after your periods, pain tolerance is higher as compared to other days. However, its best to try out different times of the month to determine which one is best for you notes Naomi Grupenmager, CEO of Uni K Wax Centre.

5. Take a painkiller(optional)

Taking a painkiller 30 minutes before your Brazilian shave can make the process less painful. Although, this is not a necessity.

6. Hydrate

Drinking a lot of water pre-waxing helps to minimize the level of pain. Moisturizing and hydrating helps the skin to become plump hence, allows easy removal of hair.

7. Avoid alcoholic drinks

Indulging in some Dutch courage seems like a great idea to calm your nerves and increase your pain tolerance. But in the real sense, alcohol tightens your pores which causes the hair follicle to become firm, making it more difficult.

Minimizing pain during the process

1. Relax

Relax your body once you get up the table. Taking deep breaths and implementing a distraction technique (listening to music or reading a magazine) will help you clear your mind, relax you and reduce any tension build-up.

After waxing is done

1. Go for loose-fitting clothes

Allow the area to breathe and be free from any kind of irritation by wearing free- fitting pants and/or skirts. For at least 2-3 days put on cotton undergarments to prevent other fabrics from irritating the waxed area.

2. Avoid any vigorous activity

Take a break from your daily intense workout sessions for at least two days to avoid getting really sweaty down there-since the area is really sensitive and very susceptible to rashes and becoming irritated.

3. Allow your hair to grow back

Letting your hair grow to about a quarter of an inch before booking your next appointment is the way to go. If you decide to go sooner or much later the waxing may not be effective and can even be more painful.

4. Don’t shave

Once you include waxing in your beauty regimen, completely forget about shaving-which causes pain, itchiness and makes your hair grow back thicker. Instead, do regularly and your hair will grow back thinner and thinner- hence pain-free experience thereafter.

5. Moisturize

Prep for your next appointment- moisturize to prevent your skin from tearing and any discomfort. Also, exfoliate to keep your skin soft, glowing, and clean. And try to avoid hot showers or steam baths for at least 1day to prevent your skin from drying out and becoming irritated after a waxing session.